Help us defeat Israeli apartheid #GivingTuesday


30 November 2021

Where can we find hope for liberation and justice in Palestine when the odds are so stacked against us?

Monday was the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People – a day for speeches at the United Nations but, as usual, no action to hold Israel accountable for violating countless resolutions.

Britain chose that day to sign a new “Strategic Partnership” agreement with Israel, following the trend of many other Western and Arab governments that have recently tightened their embrace of Tel Aviv.

It looked to me like a calculated jab at Palestinians, to remind them that since the Balfour Declaration a century ago, Britain has always been a proud enabler of their suffering.

For these leaders, it’s as if the massacres Israel perpetrated in Gaza in May, annihilating entire families in their homes, never happened. As if those lives don’t matter at all.

Israel wants us to see all this and lose hope. But I refuse, and I know you do too. Because history is on our side.

This inspiring short video reminds us that apartheid and colonialism once dominated South Africa and other countries. But people struggling for liberation – just as Palestinians are today – overcame what were also overwhelming odds to win their freedom.

Each of us, including you, has a place in this 21st century struggle against Israeli apartheid.

The Electronic Intifada’s role is to educate and inform people everywhere about what is happening in Palestine. We amplify the voices of Palestinians, including the human rights organizations Israel perversely labels as “terrorists.”

The International Criminal Court’s investigation, finally launched this year, is a result of the work of those groups and we’re proud to stand with them.

Let’s make today – Giving Tuesday – a day of hope, solidarity and action.

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No less important, we tell the stories of grassroots campaigns – and victories – for Palestinian rights.

I find hope and power in the unity of Palestinians throughout their homeland that we witnessed in May, and growing global solidarity, even in the United States.

I’m proud that our work is helping to bring justice closer, one day at a time. When Palestinians celebrate their victory over apartheid, it’s one we will all share.

But right now, we have work to do. On behalf of the entire Electronic Intifada team, thank you for your support.


Ali Abunimah
Executive Director

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