Video: Wanted in France, Living it up in Israel

In this video, I tell the story of Zionist hacker Grégory Chelli.

A French citizen who goes by the alias Ulcan, Chelli has spent years terrorizing people with swatting attacks – fake reports to police that have resulted in violent raids on their homes.

While Chelli claims to be fighting anti-Semitism, he has also hacked many websites merely for supporting Palestinian rights and criticizing Israel.

The most notorious attack by Chelli was on the family of French journalist Benoit Le Corre.

According to prosecutors in France, Chelli’s harassment resulted in the death of Benoit’s father Thierry.

The Le Corre family is seeking Chelli’s extradition from Israel, where he’s living a leisurely life in an apartment by the beach.

Who is Chelli and what is his motivation? Will the Le Corre family get their day in court?

Watch the video!

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