Video: The bombs Israel leaves in Gaza

Israel may have ended its 11-day slaughter in Gaza in May, but it left behind hundreds of unexploded missiles in the besieged coastal enclave.

At least 1,200 unexploded bombs have reportedly been found by bomb dispersal engineers.

Matthias Schmale, the director of the UN agency for Palestine refugees UNRWA in Gaza, said that two “deeply buried bombs” were found at one of its Gaza schools.

“Unexploded ordnance poses a real threat to life for people in Gaza following the hostilities,” the International Committee of the Red Cross stated.

The Red Cross is helping the bomb disposal department in Gaza conduct this work.

On 2 June, two members of the armed wing of Hamas were killed while attempting to dismantle unexploded ordnance at one of the group’s bases in Gaza.

And on 9 June, 8-year-old Obaida al-Dahdouh and his 16-year-old brother Ahmad found a missile adjacent to their home on agricultural land in Gaza City, which detonated and injured them.

Obaida died from his wounds at dawn the next day. His brother Ahmad was injured and lost parts of two fingers.

Unexploded ordnance killed 19 Palestinians and injured 170 between 2014 and 2020.

More than 250 Palestinians were killed during the military escalation in May, including at least 67 children. At least 245 of those were killed by Israeli fire.

Video by Mohammed Asad and Tala Kaddoura.