US isolated in latest UN vote on Palestine

But resolutions appear to have been watered down from earlier stronger versions.

Why did Israel fail to back US-supported UN resolution on Crimea?

Israel, apparently, has a enough of a sense of irony not to condemn Russia – and perhaps set a precedent for itself.

Michigan Daily endorses Palestine students' divestment effort

Students at McMaster University win big majority for divestment despite walk-out by opponents. Loyola student government president, supported by off-campus Israeli lobby groups, vetoes divestment resolution

Divestment wins again at Loyola, goes down fighting in Michigan

Students at Kings College London also passed a motion calling for boycott and divestment from entities complicit in Israeli abuses of Palestinian rights.

Rolling Stones accused of hypocrisy as Tel Aviv gig announced

The Palestinian national boycott committee says that the Rolling Stones’ planned gig is much like those few artists who played Sun City during the era of South African apartheid.

Refusing to be silenced, Michigan students take divestment back to student government

University of Michigan students have been sitting in at student government headquarters for the last week in response to the student government’s refusal to hear a divestment resolution. Organizers are preparing for another student government meeting on 25 March.

Israel’s “Hollywood propaganda” about Gaza-bound missile ship unravels

US official tells news agency: “You look at those things and it’s obvious they couldn’t have been slipped into Gaza.”

Al Jazeera once again removes Joseph Massad article on Palestine

The article “The Dahlan Factor,” appeared for several hours on the Qatar-based broadcaster’s website but was later removed amid claims of “defamation.”

"Return Unifies Us": Palestinians call for a day of action for the right of return

An international day of action on 22 March will focus on reaffirming Palestinian national principles — most crucially, the right of return.

Israeli interrogator threatens sexual assault, home demolition, says Palestinian child

Testimonies collected by Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups suggest Israeli interrogators have threatened Palestinian kids with sexual violence.


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