Why I helped "shut down" Europe's weapons lobby

Arms dealers must be confronted with the effects of their pernicious activities. 

PLO and Yarmouk camp

Editorial illustration by Nidal El-Khairy.

Palestinian Authority police beat child with rifle butt

Palestinian Authority police’s treatment of children in the occupied West Bank echoes the violent behavior of Israeli occupation soldiers. 

US film about indigenous community links to Palestine reinserts “political narrative”

Filmmakers say it is important to “re-insert the political narrative” back inside discussions about First Nations communities and Palestinian refugees.

Lauryn Hill cancels Israel show after Palestinian boycott call

Cancellation by former lead vocalist of The Fugees seen as “painful” blow to Israel.

New Palestinian literature examines exile, memory and nostalgia

Mazen Maarouf, the Palestinian-Lebanese writer whose poetry appears in Words Without Borders' Palestine special issue.

Translation magazine Words Without Borders highlights national experience of dispersion.

Eyewitness debunks claim of “attack” on Paris Jews by BDS activists

May Day altercation was provoked by anti-Palestinian Jewish extremist group Ligue de Défense Juive.

Early classic of Palestinian resistance cinema reemerges

They Do Not Exist resists Israeli denial of Palestinian life. 

Israel Festival hit hard by boycott in wake of Gaza assault, director admits

Difficulty attracting international artists a sign of Israel’s increasing isolation.


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