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Transporter of Israeli settlement goods benefits from EU science grant

Brussels officials are refusing to investigate why they approved a subsidy to a freight company bringing food from illegal colonies to Europe’s supermarkets.

How Europe funds the occupation of Palestine

Far from being “generous” to the Palestinians, Brussels officials give direct support to Israel.

The immense cruelty of Ariel Sharon

Claims that the prime minister coveted peace are a travesty.

Don't buy Israeli toys this Christmas

Halilit, a maker of musical instruments for babies, is headquartered in a forcibly depopulated Palestinian village.

EU rekindles love affair with Livni as row over aiding settlers ends

Israeli arms-makers will still be able to benefit from EU science grants.

Arms dealers sniff opportunities as French president visits Israel

Drones will almost certainly be on the agenda when François Hollande meets Benjamin Netanyahu.

Is EU stepping up police cooperation with Israel?

Despite the absence of an intelligence-sharing agreement, Israel is taking part in many of Europol’s activities.

EU bank finances Israeli power plant as nearby Bedouins face demolitions

Luxembourg-based institution has a track record of helping firms involved in dispossessing Palestinians.

Why are Israel's worst racists welcome in European Parliament?

David Rotem, a recent guest in the European Parliament, can make vile statements about Palestinians without fear of censure.

EU refuses probe into why it rewarded contractor for apartheid tramway

Gilad Rafaeli worked on light rail system in occupied Jerusalem at the time he secured science grant from Brussels authorities.


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