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Al Jazeera America boss mocked as "Hamas" by top Hollywood execs - leaked email

Leaked emails reveal anti-Palestinian bigotry in Sony, Time Warner executive suites.

African Heritage delegation backs global resistance to Israel’s “21st century colonialism”

The parallels between the ongoing racial discrimination experienced by Black people in the US and the treatment of Palestinians can no longer be ignored.

Growing segments of US public alienated from Israel, survey shows

The America Hillary Clinton is trying to woo is moving away from Israel. Will she follow?

Israel's anti-boycott law will hit Palestinians hardest, rights groups warn

Israel’s high court on upheld a law imposing stiff sanctions on those advocating boycotts of Israel or its colonial settlements in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights.

History professor pulls out of event linking Tel Aviv, Brown universities

After call from Palestinians, one scholar pulls out of “boycottable” symposium, while another ignores the call.

European Parliament members demand "pressure" on Israel to free Palestinian lawmakers

There has been a sharp increase in the number of Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel over the past year.

Holocaust scholar cancels prestigious Illinois lecture over Steven Salaita firing

UCLA Jewish studies director Todd Presner said appearing at the University of Illinois would condone indefensible actions against shared governance, free speech.

No Arab players need apply to Israeli football team, coach says

While racism is endemic in Israeli football, Beitar Jerusalem is particularly notorious for the violence and anti-Arab hatred of its fans.

International aid agencies call for sanctions on Israel over Gaza “stalemate”

Deadbeat states – including Turkey, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates – have failed to deliver a single dollar of reconstruction aid they promised for Gaza.

How a Tel Aviv Univ. event is being sold as boycott compliant at Brown

Israeli universities are having to find creative ways to evade the increasingly effective Palestinian call for boycott.


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