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Israeli universities lend support to Gaza massacre

Two leading Israeli universities are offering strong support for Israel’s ongoing massacre in Gaza, examples of the complicity that has led Palestinians to call for academic boycott.

Infographic: Who violates ceasefires more, Israelis or Palestinians?

Israeli ceasefire violations were more frequent and far more deadly.

Video: Palestinian woman risks life to rescue injured youth in Gaza

The incident occurred in Shujaiya, site of an Israeli massacre. Meanwhile, another video has emerged showing Israeli soldiers and mystics dancing as they adorn artillery shells with blessings.

Video: My Democracy Now! debate on Gaza with “liberal” Zionist J.J. Goldberg

The discussion was ostensibly focused on US media coverage, but it more accurately displayed the ways that “liberal” Zionists use euphemisms to obscure from view the full horrow of Israel’s ongoing pogrom in Gaza.

French politician denies asking if Palestinian children killed in Gaza are “halal meat”

Renaud’s sickening reply was retweeted more than 1,100 times, but many of the responses to it expressed disgust.

Israel is being defeated in Gaza as it was in Lebanon

Even though it is still mercilessly killing civilians in Gaza, Israel has, in political and strategic terms, already lost the “war” it launched on Gaza on the false pretext of stopping rockets.

War crime: video shows sniper killing of wounded Gaza civilian

The targeting and killing by a sniper of a Palestinian civilian took place in Gaza City’s Shujaiya neighborhood where Israeli shelling killed dozens of civilians and caused massive destruction early on Sunday morning.

Massacre in Shujaiya: Dozens killed as Israel shells eastern Gaza City - photos

Dozens of men, women and children were killed in the early hours of Sunday as Israel indiscriminately shelled the eastern Gaza City neighborhood of Shujaiya.

Expel Palestinians, populate Gaza with Jews, says Knesset deputy speaker

Israel must attack Gaza even more mercilessly, expel the population and resettle the territory with Jews, the deputy speaker of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, has said.

Bloody Friday: 12 children among dozens killed in Israel's merciless slaughter

Eight members of a single family, the youngest six months old, were killed when a missile struck their home.


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