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For Palestinians, there is no Obama-Netanyahu rift

US-Israeli relations have never been stronger, nor more damaging to the prospects for peace and justice and for the very survival of the Palestinian people.

Toronto queer group that won right to say “Israeli apartheid” wraps up

Group fought back against censorship efforts and helped expose Israel’s “pinkwashing.”

Six month after Gaza slaughter, aid groups still afraid to criticize Israel

Gaza reconstruction “could take 100 years” at current pace, aid group warns

Viral Israeli air rage video casts light on ingrained anti-Arab racism

“What is she, an Arab?” angry Israeli passenger demands when sister doesn’t get what she wants.

Video: West Bank colonies “protect London, Paris and Madrid,” Israeli minister says

The strategy of Israeli leaders, as Naftali Bennett’s video shows, is to stoke up as much fear and religious hatred as possible.

UK Zionist group Yachad fighting BDS using jailed Palestinian children as props

“Kids Court in Conflict,” sponsored by UK Zionist group Yachad, claims to support Palestinian children but actually backs their oppressors.

Obama's tepid, belated condemnation of Chapel Hill murders does little to ease fears

Obama’s statement came after days of mounting anger at his silence over murder of three Muslim students, and a stinging rebuke from Turkey’s president.

Obama's silence on Chapel Hill murders already speaks volumes

Whatever he says, if anything, in the next few hours, US President Barack Obama’s silence so far on the murders of three young Muslims already speaks volumes.


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