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Video: Settlers cheer as Israeli soldiers attack disabled Palestinian child

The incident occurred in Hebron, whose Palestinian residents are relentlessly targeted by Israeli occupation army and settler violence.

Judge rejects US call for anonymous jury in trial of Palestinian-American

But Judge Gerswhin A. Drain granted a government request for “partial sequestration” of the jury in Rasmea Odeh’s case and placed some limits on demonstrations of support.

Under cover of reconstruction, UN and PA become enforcers of Israel's Gaza siege

Details given in a confidential briefing reveal how UN and Palestinian Authority will pass private information about Palestinians in devastated Gaza to Israel.

Attorney general: Univ. of Illinois must explain why Salaita memo can't be found

Acting on a request from The Electronic Intifada, the Illinois Attorney General has asked the University of Illinois to explain why it cannot find a memo about Steven Salaita handed to Chancellor Phyllis Wise by a major pro-Israel donor.

Video: Steven Salaita and Ali Abunimah at University of Chicago

Panel focuses on what Salaita’s firing means in the critical battle on US campuses over academic freedom, free speech and US policy toward Israel.

Illinois chancellor who fired Salaita accused of serial self-plagiarism

Given that Phyllis Wise has cited her paramount concern for the integrity of the University of Illinois in her decision to fire Salaita, she must provide an immediate, full and frank response to these allegations.

New Jersey campus group celebrates as ban on Palestine “propaganda” is lifted

Students for Justice in Palestine at New Jersey’s Montclair State University had been fined and ordered not to distribute an informational leaflet about Palestine.

Univ. of Illinois Jewish Studies program condemns Salaita firing

Jewish Studies department statement comes as furor over Palestinian-American professor’s firing over tweets about Gaza refuses to subside.

By recognizing “State of Palestine,” Sweden could harm Palestinians

The trappings of “statehood” and “state” recognition, however well intentioned, will not restore usurped Palestinian rights.

US says rallies outside Rasmea Odeh hearings may be “criminal”

US government says rallies in support of Palestinian-American facing immigration charge are a “mob” and a “hoard” engaged in “jury tampering”


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