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Why won't Sydney University admit its professor Jake Lynch has been cleared of anti-Semitism?

David Brophy
24 April 2015

By not announcing the results of an official probe, a leading Australian college is tarnishing the reputation of staff and students who advocate a boycott of Israel.

We cannot liberate Palestine with colonized minds

Haidar Eid
20 April 2015

The Oslo accords have reinforced Israel’s apartheid system.

Why was Palestinian suffering forgotten on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

Michael Lesher
17 April 2015

I cannot remain silent while Jewish leaders turn the lessons of Nazi genocide upside down.

Decolonize Palestine!

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Diaries: Live from Palestine

Poem: "No search, no rescue"

Jehan Bseiso
24 April 2015

To the families and lovers at the bottom of the sea, trying to reach Europe.

Preserving memories amid Gaza's rubble

Rami Almeghari
Gaza Strip
17 April 2015

Two artists have decided to paint on items retrieved from buildings that Israel bombed.

Human Rights

Norway's sneaky arms exports to Israel

Ryan Rodrick Beiler
30 April 2015

Components made by a Norwegian firm have been found in weapons fired on Gaza.

National park zoning used as pretext for ethnic cleansing of East Jerusalem

Jesse Rubin
29 April 2015

Palestinian family of eight live in limbo as home demolition order postponed until late May.

Activism News

Did Hillel board member inappropriately advise Stanford on divestment request?

Nora Barrows-Friedman
21 April 2015

Students of color backing divestment reject claims of “anti-Semitism” by Israel lobby groups.

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