Egyptians launch boycott of Orange-owned Mobinil over complicity in Israeli crimes

France-based Orange is complicit in Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank and provided support to Israeli units that devastated Gaza last summer.

Israel orders wife of Palestinian jailed for Facebook comments expelled from Jerusalem

Despite not being accused of any crimes, Muna Shalabi has been ordered to leave her hometown. 

Key Israel lobbyist in European Parliament spreads lies about Ireland's gay marriage vote

European Parliament member Arne Gericke has suggested that opponents of equality were forced into a closet. 

“This land is ours,” says Israel’s top diplomat, citing religious texts

Israel’s deputy foreign minister Tzipi Hotovely is only one of several top-ranking politicians who hope to annex the occupied West Bank.

Listen: North Carolina county drops Israeli occupation profiteer G4S

Durham County had joined the boycott of South African goods during the 1980s apartheid era, and current campaigners were able to “use that as precedent for them taking action on G4S.”

Israel destroys Bedouin village for 84th time

Displaying their defiance, locals rebuilt their tents yesterday evening. 

University of Helsinki cancels G4S contract over support for Israeli prisons

Assurances by the security firm that it will not renew its contrasts with the Israeli Prison Service must not be trusted. 

Khader Adnan escalates hunger strike in Israeli prison

Khader Adnan only consuming water on 17th consecutive day of protest.


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