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An eye on the groups that try to stifle free debate about Palestine

Key Israel lobbyist in European Parliament spreads lies about Ireland's gay marriage vote

European Parliament member Arne Gericke has suggested that opponents of equality were forced into a closet. 

False claims of anti-Semitism climb on US campuses: New report

A surge in accusations of anti-Semitism relies on the conflation of anti-Semitism with criticism of Israeli policy, lawyers say.

Allow Israel to kill more civilians, says British colonel

Retired British army Colonel Richard Kemp tells Israeli conference that “democratic armies” should have a freer hand when it comes to “collateral damage” – civilian casualties.

Are property speculators bankrolling European Friends of Israel?

An influential Zionist group had several wealthy entrepreneurs on its board last year.

Head of new pro-Israel group makes series of racist comments

Alex Benjamin, director of Europe Israel Public Affairs, describes the presence of Muslims as a “hornets’ nest.” 

Eyewitness debunks claim of “attack” on Paris Jews by BDS activists

May Day altercation was provoked by anti-Palestinian Jewish extremist group Ligue de Défense Juive.

Jewish Defense League in Canada threaten to "derail" conference

Anti-Palestinian hooligans issue their latest violent threats against a conference on Christian Zionism.

UK High Court backs shutdown of Israel conference

Judge backs University of Southampton decision to “withdraw permission” to hold conference on legality of state of Israel this weekend.

Court hearing expected next week in challenge to UK university's ban on Israel conference

The Electronic Intifada has learned details of the court challenge filed in London on Thursday against the University of Southampton’s decision to ban a conference related to Israel.


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