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We go through the revolving door of the “peace process” and “diplomacy”

US isolated in latest UN vote on Palestine

But resolutions appear to have been watered down from earlier stronger versions.

LAPD goes to Israel, falls in love with drones and mass surveillance

The LAPD’s highest ranking officers traveled to Israel this month for lessons in domination and repression.

NYU silent after Israel bans Palestinian student from “coexistence” program

Its silence contrasts with university leaders’ loud condemnations of calls for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

EU rekindles love affair with Livni as row over aiding settlers ends

Israeli arms-makers will still be able to benefit from EU science grants.

Arms dealers sniff opportunities as French president visits Israel

Drones will almost certainly be on the agenda when François Hollande meets Benjamin Netanyahu.

Former envoy George Mitchell shills for Israeli occupation profiteer SodaStream

Why is former US peace envoy George Mitchell promoting SodaStream which is based in an illegal Israeli settlement and abuses Palestinian rights?

Europe kowtows to Kerry on "peace process"

Why do Brussels-based diplomats spout gibberish about the “sacred flame” of the two-state solution?

Bono love-bombs mass murderer Shimon Peres

In declaring Israeli president a “gift to the world,” the singer omitted a few salient facts.

The crocodile tears of Samantha Power

America’s new ambassador to the UN only condemns human rights abuses when it’s politically expedient to do so.

The Palestinian Authority insults our intelligence

A minister’s arrogant behavior at this month’s BDS national conference is just the latest indication of the PA’s unpopularity.


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