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In photos: Red carpet film festival asserts Gaza's pride and talent

The Karama Human Rights Film Festival was held in neighborhood destroyed by Israeli bombing last summer.

Freedom Theatre UK tour kicks off despite right-wing media attacks

A scene from the Freedom Theatre play The Siege, which tours the UK throughout May and June 2015.

Tabloid press calls Palestinian play “pro-terrorist” — but cites critics who have never seen it.

Jaffa's Palestinian heritage celebrated in Nakba Day open houses

Palestinian homes will be opened to visitors, revealing the city’s “silenced memory and history, its destruction and erasure.”

Right-wing politician tries to close down Palestinian theater in Haifa

Does the portrayal of Arabs as human beings frighten Israel’s establishment? 

Free expression group PEN America gets sponsored by apartheid Israel

Suzanne Nossel, director of PEN America, is an apologist for Israeli and American aggression. 

New Palestinian literature examines exile, memory and nostalgia

Mazen Maarouf, the Palestinian-Lebanese writer whose poetry appears in Words Without Borders' Palestine special issue.

Translation magazine Words Without Borders highlights national experience of dispersion.

Early classic of Palestinian resistance cinema reemerges

They Do Not Exist resists Israeli denial of Palestinian life. 

Mourid Barghouti to headline London festival of Arabic culture

The Shubbak festival of Arabic culture showcases Palestinian film, dance and literature.

Short film highlights devastation of northern Gaza

Echoes of Beit Hanoun shows destruction of summer 2014 Israeli attacks.

Ghost-like images haunt New York display by Palestinian artists

Mary Tuma, John Halaka and Rajie Cook have all contributed to an exhibition now showing in Brooklyn. 


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