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Poetic short film highlights Palestinian plight in Yarmouk

Filmmaker Thaer al-Sahli documents personal aftermath of airstrikes on refugee camp


Bethlehem's 2002 siege recalled in new Freedom Theatre play

Board member of Jenin theater remains behind Israeli bars. 

Video: Palestine-Hong Kong hip-hop collaboration “Gaza Open Your Heart”

Palestinian hip-hop duo, brothers Osama and Mohammed Elsusi, collaborate long distance with Hong Kong’s Barry Lam.

Bedouin children defy Israel's bulldozers in Gaza, Haifa art show

Palestinians don’t need to “embellish” Israel’s “democracy,” says photographer Mohamed Badarne. 



Star Palestinian playwrights exercise "Permission to Narrate"

Three Palestinian plays to be staged over three nights at New York theater.

"Road movie" on Palestine's poetry goes live

Scottish writers shown witnessing realities of  Israeli occupation.

Gaza author Atef Abu Saif shortlisted for "Arabic Booker" prize

Atef Abu Saif has been recognized for a novel he hasn’t even seen a copy of.

New play by writer Dalia Taha examines children's experiences under occupation

The Royal Court Theatre becomes the first major British venue to stage Palestinian work.

More than 700 UK artists pledge to boycott Israel

List features big-name writers, musicians, actors.

British conflict charity teams up with Israel-promoting indie band

Ride singer Mark Gardener claims to “play music to the people without prejudice.”


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