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New Palestinian poetry flourishes online

Arts critic Sarah Irving rounds up recently-published works by Palestinian writers.

Chicago Palestine Film Festival returns with Oscar-nominated “Omar”

Highlights include Amina Waheed’s Chicago-filmed documentary Corner Stores and Jessica Habie’s boldly experimental feature Mars at Sunrise.

Pharell Williams - “Happy”- the Gaza version

Exuberant scenes of Palestinians in Gaza dancing to the Pharell song “Happy.”

Video: Writers witness Israel's apartheid system in Hebron

Settlers in Hebron are notoriously some of the most violent and racist against Palestinians.

There's still time to catch Emily Jacir's "intervals" in New York City

Exhibition features works by the internationally-celebrated Palestinian artist being shown in the US for the first time.

“New Directions” conference discusses future of Palestinian Studies

Big names and fresh ideas meet to consider way forward for Palestine in academic studies

“The noise in our country is endless,” says new track by Gaza duo Revolution Makers

The prolific and talented Gaza hip hop artists Revolution Makers have put out a new song, accompanied by video art.

Refugee poet remembers Yarmouk, the “capital of the Palestinian diaspora”

Iyad Hayatleh presents a personal portrait of Yarmouk camp in a Scottish theater.

Watch: Short film reflects on mirror taken from Palestinian village in 1948

In “Mirror Image,” Israeli filmmaker Danielle Schwartz negotiates with her family to tell the story of a mirror taken from a Palestinian village in the Nakba.

This Divestment Bill Hurts My Feelings

Fusing together spoken word poetry and motion graphics, the visually compelling video is a collaboration between Kanazi and Suhel Nafar of DAM.


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