Judge in case against Palestinian-American pulls out due to Israel business ties

Reversing his initial refusal to step down, Judge Paul Borman recuses himself citing new information.

Migrant rights group on US-Mexico border urges boycott of Israel

Struggle against suffering in Arizona is “deeply implicated” in struggle against US-funded occupation of Palestine, says No More Deaths.

Fired professor voiced "legitimate outrage" over Gaza attack, say University of Illinois colleagues

Fellow academics defend Steven Salaita’s right to speak out on Palestine and demand that his sacking be overturned.

Zionist groups planned to lobby Univ. of Illinois trustees over Salaita appointment

In a new interview with The Electronic Intifada, Cary Nelson, past president of the American Association of University Professors, has revealed that he is directly advising national Zionist organizations in their campaign against Steven Salaita.

South African Jewish students hounded after expressing solidarity with Gaza

The deputy class president of a prominent Jewish school has been deluged with threats and abuse.

Druze youth refuses to serve in Israeli military

Anan Shaheen was unexpectedly given exemption from military service.

Israeli army uses Gaza children as human shields

Lies spread about Hamas in deliberate attempt to absolve Israel of responsibility for killing 1,600 civilians.

Fidel Castro, Alice Walker, Bolivian president condemn Israel, join Latin American boycott call

Evo Morales, Fidel Castro, Alice Walker, Manuel Zelaya, Silvio Rodgriguez, Eduardo Galeano and others express “absolute repulsion at the genocide being carried out against the Palestinian people.”


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