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EU regurgitates Israeli propaganda

Israel’s murderous attacks on Gaza constitute “retaliatory fire,” according to Brussels spindoctor Michael Mann.

EI's Gaza correspondent witnesses Israeli drone attack

Rami Almeghari was a hundred meters away from a drone attack that killed two Palestinian motorcyclists earlier today.

Video captures bombing of Gaza City home

The death toll in Israel’s assault, which began on Monday, reached 81 by Thursday afternoon, including 22 children. Hundreds of Palestinians have been injured.

Israeli court orders release of Muhammad Abu Khudair murder suspects

Palestinian citizens of Israel swept up in mass arrests remain in detention as a human rights group warns “the situation within Israel is fast moving towards a dangerous and explosive state.”

ABC News tells viewers that scenes of destruction in Gaza are in Israel

Diane Sawyer tells viewers that images and video of people suffering in Gaza are Israelis reeling from Palestinian rocket fire.

US State Department rejects Gaza's right to self-defense from Israeli aggression

US State Department spokesperson refuses to answer when asked if the people of Gaza have a right to defend themselves from Israeli aggression.

Spoof of ADL ad justifying attack on Gaza goes viral

“The ADL has been a consistent embarrassment to the Jewish community and its campaign to justify the bombing of Gaza is just the latest act in a storied history of shameful behavior.”

Eight children killed as Israeli warplanes relentlessly bomb Gaza - photos

Rocket sirens heard in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv as armed groups in Gaza retaliate.

I filmed the LAPD assaulting me at pro-Israel demo

I was handcuffed and threatened, and I caught it all on video.

Attack on Gaza: Mohammed Omer, Ali Abunimah and Miko Peled on Democracy Now!

Israel massively escalated its bombardment of the Gaza Strip on Monday evening with reports of many people killed and injured.


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