Univ. of Illinois Jewish Studies program condemns Salaita firing

Jewish Studies department statement comes as furor over Palestinian-American professor’s firing over tweets about Gaza refuses to subside.

Palestine activism grows at US campuses despite backlash

Student Palestine solidarity activists say they will escalate their direct actions on campuses despite backlash against them.

Armenian genocide expert cancels Illinois talks in protest at Salaita firing

In a powerful letter, Taner Akcam tells the University of Illinois why he will not deliver two lectures on campus.

By recognizing “State of Palestine,” Sweden could harm Palestinians

The trappings of “statehood” and “state” recognition, however well intentioned, will not restore usurped Palestinian rights.

US says rallies outside Rasmea Odeh hearings may be “criminal”

US government says rallies in support of Palestinian-American facing immigration charge are a “mob” and a “hoard” engaged in “jury tampering”

Writing to overcome trauma in Gaza

The offices of the English department professors at the Islamic University of Gaza were completely destroyed in Israeli attacks over the summer.

Watch: testimonies of atrocities in Gaza from the Russell Tribunal

The Russell Tribunal found Israel guilty of war crimes, crimes against humanity and incitement to genocide, warning that the international community’s failure to hold Israel accountable could lead to another Rwanda.

Prominent Israeli settler rabbi calls for "cleansing" of Palestinians

Rabbi Dov Lior’s latest comments are part of a long history of racist and anti-Palestinian incitement to violence.

More than 500 anthropologists back academic boycott of Israel

Senior members of discipline back call for Palestinian rights.

Tea with FBI sends chilling message to Cleveland Palestine activist

FBI visits Palestine activist Abbas Hamideh, who is organizing a protest at Sunday’s Cleveland Cavaliers-Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball game.


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