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All the news that isn’t (satire and humor)

Watch: BBC and Swiss TV comedy sketches skewer Israeli colonization

In some ways, these comedians have shown more courage and truth than many mainstream journalists.

Why logical people should oppose the ASA's Israel boycott

A satirical view on the arguments against the American Studies Association’s vote to endorse the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

Jewish National Fund "repents" for erasing Palestinian villages

A talking tree is deeply upset at how it has been planted on the ruins of an ethnically cleansed village.

Colors: the new-new anti-Semitism

A satirical look at how Israel misuses the charge of anti-Semitism in increasingly absurd ways to deflect from its abuse of Palestinian rights.

Conflict resolution: the game show!

A satirical solution to the Palestinian refugee crisis.

The Zionist Handbook: A guide to defending Israel against Mean People

Two men, including Israeli president Shimon Peres, appear unhappy while eating ice cream

Steven Salaita takes a satirical look at some of the arguments Palestinian rights activists can expect to hear marshaled in defense of Israel.

What is an observer state, anyway? A quick lesson on the statehood bid

Mom breaks down the UN bid, in case you needed an analogy for this monumental, historic moment.

Video: Spoof of "Like the 'IDF' on Facebook!" brings dose of reality

An Israeli army video features smiling groups of Israeli soldiers saying “Like the IDF on Facebook.” But a spoof of the video makes it much more realistic, depicting the Israeli army as it really is.

Israeli wake-up call service

A quick thought on an excellent, free Israeli service.


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