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A man with a white beard wearing a kuffiyeh presses his face against a toddler girl while standing in front of rubble

A Palestinian man plays with his daughter in front of their home that was demolished by Israeli forces earlier in the day, al-Hadidiya, Jordan Valley, West Bank, 11 October. The demolition was conducted on grounds of building without an Israeli-issued permit, which are virtually impossible for Palestinians in the Jordan Valley to obtain.

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In September, a University of Maryland poll found that an overwhelming majority of Americans – Democrats, Republicans and independents – oppose laws to curb the Palestinian-led movement to boycott Israel.

Almost 80 percent of Democrats who know about the boycott say it is a legitimate, peaceful way of supporting Palestinian rights.

As a result of these exciting grassroots changes, we’ve heard leading US presidential candidates say they would cut aid to Israel to curb its abuses of Palestinian rights. It’s a conversation that is long overdue, but it’s only a start.

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