Haifa's Khashabi Ensemble puts avant-garde theater online

Palestinian theater group showcases powerful experimental works.

Israeli evidence backfires in compensation case for injured US activist

A video of Tristan Anderson played in court showed that contrary to Israeli claims, the American activist was severely injured by a high-velocity tear gas canister.

PA official Ziad Abu Ein was first Palestinian extradited from US to Israel

Ziad Abu Ein died after being assaulted by Israeli occupation forces. More than three decades ago he was a cause celebre, as he became the first Palestinian extradited from the US to Israel.

Decolonize Palestine!

Editorial illustration by Nidal El-Khairy.

Video: Rape advocate hailed as "gender expert" by pro-Israel group in Brussels

Mordechai Kedar is treated as an authority on Arab culture, despite how he has encouraged sexual violence against Palestinian women.

Victory: US student workers' union backs Israel boycott in landslide vote

UAW Local 2865, representing 13,000 student workers at the University of California, has become the first labor union in the US to join the BDS movement.

US prosecutors trying to block Rasmea Odeh's release from jail

Federal prosecutors are attempting to invalidate Rasmea Odeh’s $50,000 bond for release, but supporters say the government has its facts wrong.

Israel denies entry to South African boycott activist

A former EAPPI volunteer, Marthie Momberg was on her way to a Kairos Palestine conference in Bethlehem.

CIA cites Israeli court ruling to "justify" torture program

Israeli ruling provided a “novel” excuse for inflicting pain on detainees, according to a 2001 CIA memo. 


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