Fresh evidence of how Volvo bulldozers damage farms, uproot families

The Swedish corporation boasts of being able to monitor the whereabouts of its vehicles; why doesn’t it use this ability to cease assisting the Israeli occupation?

Spain prosecutor requests ICC referral of case against Israel's Netanyahu for 2010 flotilla attack

Spanish prosecutor finds “strong evidence” of crimes against humanity, illegal detention and torture in Israel’s attack on Gaza flotilla.

Study: Palestinian refugee services slashed despite ongoing displacement

Palestinian refugees are the largest and longest-standing unresolved group of foribly displaced persons in the world.

Subscription offer from liberal Israeli newspaper helps JNF, a "charity" implicated in ethnic cleansing

Give your money to the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz and you may be indirectly helping to expel Palestinians.

BBC Trust upholds complaint over Nakba Day radio report that downplayed expulsion of Palestinians

The governing body of BBC agrees that there had been “a lack of clarity as to what Nakba Day commemorates,” and that the language used did not accurately “convey the reality of the departures [of the refugees].”

Israeli fake peace group One Voice reveals its anti-Palestinian bigotry in Facebook graphics

While claiming to work to end the occupation, One Voice’s real agenda is to preserve a Jewish majority and Israeli apartheid.

Israel named "world humanitarian leader" in EU propaganda exercise

The European Friends of Israel have decided to give Zionism a caring facade over the next few weeks.

UK-based Israel lobby group whitewashes war crimes to protect two-state solution

UK Israel lobby group BICOM ignores illegality of settlements as they try to defend the existence of a Jewish state in a two-state solution framework.


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