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Remixed: the Israeli army infographic that claimed stone-throwing is “Palestinian terror”

A ludicrous Israeli army graphic on Palestinian “terror” included stone-throwing. A remixed version documents just how much real terror — by Israel — Palestinians face.

Warren Buffett signs $2 billion check in support of Israeli apartheid

World’s fourth richest man delivers insult to Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions.

Mandela’s fellow prisoner Ahmed Kathrada urges Morgan Freeman to pull out of Hebrew University fundraiser

Kathrada, who recently returned from Palestine, writes to Freeman that “Israel is indeed an apartheid state. And in certain respects it is worse than apartheid.”

Oberlin College student senate passes divestment resolution, targets six companies

Oberlin College’s student senate passes a divestment resolution which calls on the administration to pull its investments in companies profiting from Israel’s occupation.

Israel mulls new strategy on muzzling its critics

Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism will discuss how Israel can step up its attacks on Palestine solidarity activists.

Apartheid imprisonment: Jewish versus Palestinian "security" prisoners

A new Adalah paper outlines the disparity in sentencing and commutation between Jewish and Palestinian “security” prisoners.

Sheffield University dumps Veolia, capping successful year for UK student Palestine movement

More than twenty student unions in the UK now support boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel.

Podcast: Gaza man extrajudicially executed in Israeli drone strike

Rami Almeghari reports from Gaza on Israel’s latest extrajudicial execution; director Annemarie Jacir talks about her new film, When I Saw You; and more.

A former insider explains how Human Rights Watch panders to the Israel lobby

Human Rights Watch deals with Israel by a different, much softer standard than it applies to any other country.

Keeping the Israel lobby on its toes

Pressure groups supporting the Zionist project embarrassed into playing by EU rules on transparency.


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