Dutch firm withdraws from sewage plant for settlers in East Jerusalem

Israel is blocking the provision of vital services for Palestinians in the West Bank.

Norway urged to reintroduce investment ban on Israeli diamond magnate

Oslo government has previously condemned “grossly unethical” behavior by Lev Leviev’s Africa Israel.

California prisoners suspend hunger strike protest after 59 days

Persons in prison taking part in a mass hunger strike in California to demand basic human rights and an end to solitary confinement have suspended their protest.

BBC series to culminate in "historian-Zionist" making "moral case for Israel"

Major documentary series The Story of the Jews will conclude with gushing argument for “the moral case for Israel.”

As noose tightens, Palestinians in Gaza face darkest days

Gaza faces “slow death” as tightening of seven-year-old siege brings territory’s economy, healthcare to brink of collapse.

A fugitive in my own country

Rana Baker sees Palestine, beyond Gaza, for the first time in her life.

Prisoners see linked struggles in California, Palestine

Prison authorities in California and Israel are using similar tactics to try and break hunger strike protests inside jails, including force-feeding.

Dutch firm's role in Jerusalem sewage plant would help settlements, Palestinians say

Palestinian organizations urge Dutch engineering firm to pull out Israeli wastewater treatment plant in East Jerusalem.

BDS South Africa condemns anti-Jewish song

“Given our history of work against racism, including anti-Semitism, we unequivocally distance ourselves from the singing of this song and its sentiments.”

Police dogs

On a leash: every dog has a master.


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