Egypt cinema syndicate calls for release of Canadian filmmaker John Greyson

There is growing concern over the situation of prominent filmmaker and Israel boycott supporter John Greyson and emergency room doctor Tarek Loubani, two Canadians arrested in Egypt and who were headed for Gaza.

Beware of "politicians and their lies," says Palestinian author

Gaza-born Abdel Bari Atwan is best known for interviewing Osama bin Laden.

Pink Floyd star's new Israel boycott letter to "family of Rock and Roll"

Roger Waters of the influential rock band Pink Floyd writes new open letter condemning Israeli apartheid, asking artists “not to perform or exhibit in Israel or accept any award” there.

“We derive our energy to persist from you,” Hassan Karajah writes from Israeli prison

“Many of us are only recently detained, and our hearts are filled with joy when we meet prisoners who we have heard stories about for decades, whose pictures we have held high countless times.”

Fraudulent, Islamophobic “terrorism expert” hired to train Chicago-area police

“Expert” was dumped by Florida after Islamophobic teaching materials were exposed, but biased “counterrorism” cottage industry persists.

Israel's deadly drones have origins in Sinai occupation

A 9 August Israeli drone strike in Sinai marks increased cooperation with the Egyptian military — and a return of Israeli drones.

Palestine solidarity coalition challenges institutional racism in US

A coalition of Palestine solidarity campaigns calls on activists to take part in the fight for racial justice in the US.

Head of Israel’s “covert” social media program suspended over anti-Japanese Facebook posts

Caught in media spotlight over role in Israeli program that pays students to spread propaganda online, Israel’s social media chief Daniel Seaman has been suspended over his own crude Facebook posts.

Alice Walker disinvited from University of Michigan over ‘Israel comments’

Could Walker, one of the most celebrated figures in American letters, now be paying the price of refusing to be silent about Palestine?

Israel’s prisoner release doesn’t legitimize “negotiations”

Palestinians celebrate the freedom of prisoners, despite Palestinian Authority efforts to use them to gain legitimacy for futile negotiations.


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