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Latin America's "forgotten" Palestinians

Watch Dr. Cecilia Baeza’s presentation on the Palestinian experience in Latin America at the Palestine Center in Washington, DC.

Event honoring Edward Said prompts Zionist smear campaign against San Francisco State students

A stencil using a slogan associated with the struggles of indigenous peoples has sparked bizarre accusations of anti-Semitism.

Tom Jones admits it's not unusual to boycott Israel

The legendary Welsh crooner snubbed calls to stand in solidarity with Palestinians by boycotting Israel – but has now admitted it was a controversial move.

"Shooting Revolution" film brings to life PLO's heyday in Lebanon

Forthcoming documentary aims to provide an audiovisual testimony of the Palestinian liberation struggle to younger generations.

BBC denies reality of how siege hurts healthcare in Gaza

Claiming impartiality, broadcaster keeps on pandering to Israel.

One year after “ceasefire,” Gaza’s suffering deepens

Palestinians are constantly lectured: “It is your resistance that brings punishment on you. Be quiet and you will see things improve.” But this is a lie.

Rasmea Odeh and political prosecutions in the US

Listen to The Electronic Intifada’s Maureen Clare Murphy discuss repression of Palestine organizing in the United States on Chicago Public Radio.

Boycott activists beat Israel lobby in French high court

The high court ruling strikes a severe blow to efforts – supported by the government – to use legal repression to outlaw boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns supporting Palestinian rights.

Why the American Studies Association should adopt academic boycott of Israel

At its annual meeting this week, the American Studies Association (ASA) will consider a resolution calling for boycott of Israeli academic institutions. What are the realities behind the misperceptions spread by boycott opponents?

Activists burst occupation profiteer SodaStream’s “feel-good” bubble

Interfaith coalition days of action will ask shoppers to boycott and retailers to de-shelve SodaStream products made in illegal Israeli colony during “Days of Action” from 29 November to 10 December.


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