Israel-backed "solution" could worsen Gaza's water crisis

Desalination could help Israel to continue evading its obligations under international law.

South African church leaders endorse Israeli Apartheid Week

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and leaders of the South African Council of Churches compare Israel’s abuses to apartheid South Africa and reiterate backing for boycott, divestment and sanctions,

Irish students vote for Israel boycott by landslide

In 2-1 vote, National University of Ireland Galway student union become’s country’s first to endorse Palestinian campaign to boycott Israel.

Muataz Washaha

Another young Palestinian murdered in cold blood by Israel.

UN says 300,000 Palestinians in mooted Israeli annexation area

New UN statistics render Israeli politician’s annexation plan impossible.

Faith leaders urge Pope Francis to denounce Israel's abuse of Palestinian children

In anticipation of the Pope’s May visit to the Holy Land, more than 200 bishops, clerics, members of religious orders and theologians ask the Pope to speak out against Israel’s kidnapping, detention and systematic abuse of Palestinian children.

At AIPAC, Netanyahu launches “desperate” attack on BDS movement

Speaking at AIPAC, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a frontal assault on the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

Sainsbury’s supermarket pressured over Israeli land-grab firms

Campaigners take part in a dabke flashmob inside a Sainsbury's supermarket in London to protest it's sale of products supplied by Israeli companies that take part in the colonization of Palestinian land
Protests across 30 UK towns and cities condemn Sainsbury’s over its links to Israeli fresh produce exporters Mehadrin and Edom that operate in illegal Israeli settlements.

Amnesty video highlights “trigger-happy” Israel’s lethal ambush of schoolboy

Samir Awad, 16, was ambushed and killed by heavily-armed Israeli occupation soldiers.


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