Name Israel an “apartheid state” and divest, Tutu tells US Presbyterians

“I know firsthand that Israel has created an apartheid reality within its borders and through its occupation.”

Elderly American couple held hostage in their home by Israeli soldiers

Couple were locked in a room for 14 hours until worried relatives managed to free them and expel the Israeli soldiers.

Sinead O'Connor says she's trying to cancel Israel gig after boycott calls

The Irish singer says she was misled by her agent into booking Israel show.

Swiss army knifes Palestinians with Israeli drone deal

Swiss purchase of Israeli drones “field-tested” on Palestinians exposes as propaganda country’s claim to promote peace, human rights.

Palestine's rural women celebrated in London photography exhibition

Palestinian village women working
Specially-commissioned work shows “rhythm of harvesting women” of Biteen.

Video: Journalists “savagely” beaten by Palestinian Authority forces

US-backed Palestinian Authority police attacked journalists and confiscated their cameras as they rallied against violations of press freedoms.

Israel demolishes activist camp, evicts Palestinian returnees from their village

Photograph shows camping tents in front of old church built of stone
Police and land authorities intensify a crackdown on Palestinian citizens of Israel who returned to their ancestral villages.

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs helping Israel “Dig” in to occupied Jerusalem

Actor is starring in Israeli-government funded NBC show Palestinians say is intended to help Israel drive them out of Jerusalem.

G4S hires pro-Israel professor to whitewash war crimes

Both authors of a new “independent review” commissioned by the Danish-British firm are known for their pro-Israel views.


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