"Endangered Archives" program opens up priceless Palestinian heritage

Manuscript digitization lets researchers worldwide study threatened Palestinian texts.

Grace Lee Boggs, Danny Glover object to film screening in Tel Aviv

Film about life of legendary American activist to be screened in Israeli-government sponsored festival despite her objections.

Children describe torture in Israeli solitary confinement

A rising proportion of Palestinian children arrested by Israeli occupation forces are subjected to solitary confinement, harsh interrogations and ill-treatment amounting to torture.

University of Edinburgh blocks own student from Israeli ambassador's speech

Student told “particular format and audience” agreed with Israeli embassy.

Obama “peace” envoy ridicules notion that Palestinians have “rights”

Martin Indyk, the US official in charge of the Palestinian-Israeli “peace process” has publicly ridiculed the notion that Palestinians have rights or are seeking justice.

NBC refuses to receive petition calling for end to occupied Jerusalem shoot

More than 5,000 people called on the network to end its involvement in the action series DIG which will be set and shot in eastern occupied Jerusalem.

Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners punished by Israel

Crowd hold candles in tent covered with posters of political prisoners
Israel isolates hunger strikers, imposes solitary confinement and denies salts, putting lives of prisoners in jeopardy.

Disturbing photos show militarization of Israeli children

Pictures reveal the extent to which Israeli culture has been militarized and how Israeli children are not immune to this.

US State Department says boycott an “acceptable” tactic

The US State Department has endorsed boycott as an “acceptable” way for US citizens to express their views and take action over what they see as violations of human rights in other countries.

Lebanon deports Palestinian refugees to Syria

Refugees forcibly returned to Syria at “grave risk,” Human Rights Watch warns.


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