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Ireland's Gerry Adams comes out for partition (of Palestine)

The Irish parliament will vote on a Sinn Féin proposal to “recognize Palestine.” But does it undermine Palestinian rights and contradict the party’s own policies for Ireland?

Why is the ICRC helping defend Israeli war crimes?

At a controversial conference hosted by an Israeli military strategy think-tank, the ICRC echoed some of the most ardent defenders of Israeli militarism.

Israel put in dock for seriously injuring US activist Tristan Anderson

California man requires round-the-clock care after being hit by tear gas canister five years ago.

Judge orders Palestinian American Rasmea Odeh freed on bond

Supporters welcome “fantastic news” that Odeh will return home to Chicago until her March sentencing.

Best books for newcomers to Palestine and its literature

A look at some of the best books for people new to the issue of Palestine.

Videos show casual brutality of Israeli army in Hebron

When Palestinians attempted to protest against the closure of a key checkpoint, they were immediately attacked with tear gas.

Brazilian state cancels contract with Israeli drone-maker

Rio Grande do Sul has admitted that opposition from Palestinians led it to tear up deal with Israeli arms firm.

Rasmea Odeh in prolonged solitary confinement in Michigan jail

Odeh, 67, who suffers from health problems, has been in total segregation. She is not allowed to receive visitors or mail, speak to other prisoners, or use the commissary.

Wesleyan University dumps Sabra hummus after student campaign

Students are beginning to see the fruits of their divestment resolution passed last May. 


After Salaita firing, Univ. of Illinois struggling to hire faculty

Three dozen University of Illinois department heads write to incoming president Timothy Killeen about fallout from Salaita’s firing after he expressed criticism of Israel.


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