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Deeming him "threat to state security," Israel bans Addameer founder from travel abroad

The move must be seen as retaliation for Addameer’s effectiveness in challenging Israeli abuses and supporting hunger-striking prisoners.

Bilal Diab and Woroud Qasem released as hunger strikes for freedom go on

Bilal Diab is released from Israeli prison following 77 days of hunger strike; meanwhile Palestinian Authority forces arrest brother of hunger striking prisoner Hassan Safadi.

Energy firm ditches occupation profiteer G4S

Private security giant turns into a toxic brand in Britain.

“They enjoy breaking mothers' hearts over their sons”: Gaza mourns a detainee’s mother

Aisha Islieh, a detainee’s mother, died on the bus on her way to see her son Yahya after 5 years of a ban on family visits by Israel.

Obama more sympathetic to Israelis killed in Bulgaria than to Sikh Americans murdered in Wisconsin

Is it appropriate that Obama condemned what happened to Israelis in Bulgaria as “barbaric terrorism” while he is merely “heartbroken” at the slaughter at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin?

Promoter who raised money for Israeli army to hold Lollapalooza on ruins of Palestinian village

Lollapalooza, the corporate concert franchise founded by Jane’s Addiction frontman, pro-Israeli fundraiser and activist Perry Farrell, is to launch in Tel Aviv in August 2013 on the ruins of the Palestinian village of Jarisha.

Shelling and deaths in Syria's Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp: UNRWA statement

Shelling in Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria has killed and injured many people. UNRWA has more details.

Mitt Romney, Palestinian culture and white supremacism: responses worth reading

Romney’s comments only the latest racist attacks targeting Palestinians in the long US presidential campaign. Some responses worth reading.

Veolia remains active in garbage dump for Israeli settlers

French corporation says it has sold the Tovlan landfill in the Jordan Valley to the nearby Israeli settlement of Masua, but the company is still involved as a supervisor and consultant.

“Please mother, always pray for me”: Hassan Safadi still on hunger strike after Israel breaks deal

After Israel broke a deal to release him, Hassan Safadi went back on hunger strike. In Nablus, his mother and family anxiously wait for their son who has been back on hunger strike for 40 days.


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