BBC's World Football interviews father of gravely ill hunger-striking Palestinian footballer jailed by Israel

BBC World Service’s World Football interviews Mahmoud Sarsak, father of Mahmoud Sarsak, the Palestinian national football squad member whose life is at grave risk after 75 days hunger strike.

The Electronic Intifada Weekly Podcast - 31 May 2012

News and analysis culled from our top stories of the week, including an interview with our reporter Rami Almeghari in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli lawmaker Miri Regev: "Heaven forbid" we compare Africans to human beings

An Israeli lawmaker who called African migrants a “cancer” during a violent anti-African pogrom, has now apologized for likening African migrants to human beings.

BDS roundup: Veolia contract spiked in The Hague

In this week’s roundup of BDS news from around the world: Another Veolia contract spiked; more countries implement or consider proper labeleing of Israeli settlement products; and more!

Disruption of Israeli theater group in London, as BDS proves a win-win strategy

Israel’s national theater company performed The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare’s Globe in London yesterday and Monday. But Habima’s presence was fiercely contested for months in advance, and both performances were disrupted by Palestine solidarity activists in the audience.

Obama campaign releases blatantly anti-Arab video ad

US President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has just released a blatantly anti-Arab video ad on its official YouTube channel.

WATCH: Protestors forcefully removed from London performance of Israel's Habima theatre

Protestors unfurling banners and Palestinian flags were forcefully removed from a performance of Israel’s Habima theatre in London.

London theater promises “enhanced security” for Israel, as activists set to disrupt Habima tonight

Bag and body searches to be undertaken on visitors to the prestigious Globe theater as Israeli drama group performs Shakespeare.

Right of return?

The Wadi Araba “peace” agreement signed by Jordan and Israel in 1994 normalized relations between the countries and was the first official agreement to deny Palestinian refugees’ right of return.

Dublin's newspapers declare open season on Palestine solidarity campaign

Two Irish newspapers have published misinformed rants attacking the Palestine solidarity movement this weekend.


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