Day 194 roundtable: Suffering and survival in Gaza

News report (01:21); Aseel Mousa on reporting from Gaza (22:10); Paul Biggar on Israel’s use of artificial intelligence and how tech workers are organizing (46:53); Jon Elmer analyzes videos from the resistance in Gaza and the West Bank as well as the Iranian missile counterstrike against Israel (01:22:39); Group discussion on Iran and repression in Germany (02:07:03). 

Day 187: High-tech genocide

Weekly news roundup (01:21); Antony Loewenstein on Israel’s use of AI during its genocide in Gaza (18:08); Jon Elmer on resistance ambush in Khan Younis and Hizballah downing Israeli drone (01:10:22); A discussion on regional and political developments (02:00:39). 

Day 180 roundtable: No red lines in Israel's genocide

Weekly news roundup (01:12); Abubaker Abed live from Gaza (27:04); Dr. Yipeng Ge on Israel’s attacks on healthcare (55:24); David Cronin discusses why he was banned from a Dutch university (01:29:05); Jon Elmer on the battles for al-Shifa, Nasser and al-Amal hospitals (01:48:14); A discussion on the Gaza resistance, Western interference and the World Central Kitchen (02:22:57).