Don't cheat

Today, Palestinian students are nervous. It is the start of the final exams for highschool or ‘tawjihi’ as it is called in Arabic. They have been studying all week and they hope they’ll manage. 

Ramallah: More of the same

Due to the hot weather I already couldn’t sleep. As I finally thought I would be dreaming, I heard sounds of Apache helicopters hovering above my appartment, followed by machine gunfire minutes later. ‘Ramallah, again,’ I thought. 

'Ramzi is arrested'

It’s really hot today. The television talks about reform, whatever that may be, and another peace plan, whatever that may be. As I came down to the office to check some emails, I got a call from Khader. ‘Ramzi is arrested’, he says. 

The flag flies everywhere

‘Did you hear the news yet?’ asks Awatef as I walked down to the office. I expected another Israeli invasion of yet another Palestinian town or refugee camp, another killing, home demolition, or another plan or arrangement brought forward by CIA directors. ‘It’s the flag again.’ 

The story of Abu Salam

Do you remember when you went to Nablus passing the Israeli colony of Beit El? Do you remember the fence that goes along the colony but makes a sharp U-turn around this Palestinian home? Let me tell you the story of Abu Salam.