A demonstration at the checkpoint

I need water. I was just caught in teargas. We were at a demonstration before the checkpoint (the one that was previously known as the Ram-checkpoint). Thousands of protesters, Palestinians (a huge number from “inside”), Israeli’s, Italians, French, Dutch, Belgians, Swiss, and other foreigners, and a lot of international media (probably because they are prevented from covering Israel’s assaults on Palestinian cities) were present. 

Curfew lifted for only one hour

I just called my cousin in Ramallah. She told me that she just went out to get some groceries. As she arrived in Manara Square and Israeli soldiers saw her car, they shot in the air to scare her away and make way for an Israeli tank to pass. She told me that they believed that the curfew was lifted until five o’clock, however, according to other sources, the curfew was supposed to be lifted until six o’clock. 

A sleepless night, the shelling continues

I haven’t slept last night. Apache helicopters hovering above our appartment, the sounds of impact of tank shells, and heavy machinegunfire. It sounded like 500mm ammunition that was keeping me from sleeping. Strange as it is, the longer I’m here, the more I become a military expert, recognizing ammuntion, types of missiles, and the countries the equipment originates from. This morning both CNN and BBC World reported that “heavy gunfire was heard” near the headquarters of Jibril Rajub in Beitunia. 

At night, recalled back to the office

I had to return back to the office. In particular to check on unconfirmed and confusing reports from Ramallah about the situation of around thirty Palestinian policemen. I had just returned back to our appartment in Dahiya al-Barid after visiting Sheikh Jarrah with Annet. We visited the hotel where a part of the group of international solidarity activists have been, had dinner, and bought an international phonecard. 

'Back at the office'

The last thing I did before leaving the office yesterday was writing a press release about the five Palestinians found dead in Taiboun building by Dubai bureau chief Maher Shalabi. His story was confirmed by Michael Holmes of CNN

Ra'ya hospital in danger

At 1.30 Israeli forces surrounded and entered al-Ra’ya Hospital. Six Israeli soldiers with dogs entered the hospital and demolished the entrance to the health insurance room and tried to enter a room with injured persons to arrest them. Doctors and staff prevented them, because the staff feared infections from the dogs. After 15 minutes the Israeli soldiers left the hospital. There are now six tanks opposite the hospital. 

Assaults on medical personnel and mistreatment of the injured

This morning we received several reports of Israeli assaults on medical personnel and the wounded. At 11 o’clock this morning, Israeli forces stopped two ambulances near the Arab Bank in the old city of Ramallah. One ambulance belongs to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and the other belongs to the Ministry of Health. The crew, including paramedics, has been arrested. At this moment, Israeli forces in Ramallah are using the ambulance to move around in the city. Additionally, a few minutes later, another ambulance, belonging to the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees has been confiscated near the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority. The driver and the injured have been arrested.