They want total quiet while they continue to make our lives miserable

“After nine months of killings, great suffering, excessive force, liquidation, collective punishments, detentions and torture, destruction and demolition and on top of that shelling and bombings, Palestinians are expected to remain silent. After 53 years of dispossession, expulsion and discrimination, 34 years of military occupation, colonialism and another form of Apartheid, the international community, run by the United States, expects total quiet.” 

Waking up the European governments

“Ending the occupation and demanding an end to Israel’s gross human rights violations that are an unavoidable byproduct of military regimes will also end the current humanitarian crisis, defuse the situation and thereby prevent any escalation of violence. The governments of Europe need to wake up and recognise that nothing else will make a difference.” 

Bethlehem and Beit Sahour

“Since the Intifada erupted on 29 September 2000, Israeli shells and heavy gunfire have completely destroyed a total of 3,669 residential buildings. In the past few months alone, more than 200 residential homes have been damaged to various degrees.” 

The 'cease-fire'

“The current “ceasefire” does not include the cessation of devastating violations of human rights in all aspects of daily life, including deaths resulting from denial of access to humanitarian aid and services…Since Israel “unilaterally imposed a ceasefire” thirteen Palestinians have been killed.” 

Feeling the closure

“It’s not just that roads are cut off by military checkpoints — entire villages have been cut off. The worst situation is in the rural areas, where villages are completely isolated and beseiged in spite of the announcements in the media that ‘Israel is easing the closure’.”