‘Ramzi is arrested’

It’s really hot today. The television talks about reform, whatever that may be, and another peace plan, whatever that may be. As I came down to the office to check some emails, I got a call from Khader. ‘Ramzi is arrested’, he says.

Ramzi, a colleague who works as a field researcher at LAW was accompanying Khader to the Petah Tikva Detention Center where Khader was supposed to have a meeting with Marwan Barghouti, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council, who was arrested by Israeli forces on April 15 in Ramallah.

As Ramzi stayed in the car, Khader, who is one of the lawyers of Marwan Barghouti, was told that he couldn’t visit him since he was still in the interrogation room. As Khader tried to call the office of the Israeli Attorney General he saw Israeli intelligence searching his car. They came to him to ask for his keys and his identity card. When he approached the car he couldn’t find Ramzi anymore. Later he was told that Ramzi was arrested.