Yemen’s naval blockade in support of Gaza

Yemen’s Ansarallah are continuing to exact a price on Israel over its genocide in Gaza.

The United States military said on Thursday that its warships shot down a drone and an anti-ship ballistic missile in the southern Red Sea, reportedly the 22nd attack by the rebel group aimed at blockading Israeli ports to international shipping in support of Gaza.

Earlier in the week, Ansarallah released an image of a top-level security meeting that took place in front of a map that conspicuously included the locations of US bases in the region.
Meanwhile, the Biden administration is having trouble pulling together its Red Sea multinational naval task force, Operation Prosperity Guardian.

Nearly half of the twenty nations said to be participating in the mission have not acknowledged their role a week after the United States announced its establishment.

“Many allies don’t want to be associated with it, publicly, or at all,” reported Reuters.

In a segment from a recent Electronic Intifada livestream, I covered the Yemeni blockade in support of the Palestinians in Gaza and its impact on the Israeli economy.

You can watch the video segment above.


Jon Elmer

Jon Elmer is a contributing editor at The Electronic Intifada. He has reported extensively from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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