Watch: A collection of breakdowns and analyses of resistance videos from Gaza

This war has been recorded on video from the moment it began at sunrise on 7 October.

Palestinian fighters and Israeli soldiers wear body cameras and have camera persons embedded in units.

During our regular Electronic Intifada livestream, we analyze the footage from both the Palestinian fighters and Israeli military forces invading Gaza.

Last month, a resistance tunnel was found by the Israeli military. It was a massive tunnel, large enough to drive cars and trucks through. After the Israeli army released the footage, the Qassam Brigades replied just hours later with their own video saying the tunnel had already been used and the Israeli military was too late.

In another video, I looked at how Palestinians have used the massive underground tunnel network not only for defensive and logistical purposes but also as tactical instruments employed to pop up and strike enemy forces on the Palestinian fighters’ terms.

Later on in that clip, we took a look at how Qassam fighters shoot their videos and the role of the cameraman as a member of the fighting unit.

When Palestinian fighters began to deliver high-explosive anti-tank weapons by hand, I took a look at how the operation unfolded. We also showed an example of Qassam’s Nukhba force of naval commandos attacking an Israeli military base on Zikim beach just north of Gaza City in the 2014 war.
And the videos keep coming.

On Saturday, we saw a Qassam fighter hand-deliver a warhead to an Israeli tank in Khan Younis, in the southern Gaza Strip. We will analyze this one, and others, on our next show

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Our next show will be live streamed on Wednesday at 12pm ET, and can be watched on demand anytime after.


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