Watch: Six months of Palestinian resistance battles, tactics and weapons

Since the first moments of the 7 October raid, the Palestinian resistance has published combat videos offering a unique view of the battle in defense of Gaza.

We see fighters moving through the streets and buildings of Gaza, utilizing an arsenal of weaponry that has been built and adapted in the Gaza Strip.

We see simple but effective weapons such as the Yassin 105 anti-tank rocket – a Soviet clone manufactured in Gaza – being widely used by fighters against Israeli army tanks, troop carriers and D9 armored bulldozers.

We see the fighters mouseholing through the walls of buildings and through tight alleys to avoid drone surveillance and using tunnels as offensive and defensive positions.

We see improvised explosive devices like the Shawaz EFP, a weapon that the Qassam Brigades – the armed wing of Hamas – have been developing and advancing for more than two decades.

The Shawaz is used on Israeli tanks and armoured vehicles. It is often remotely detonated, but sometimes we see the fighters directly placing the device beside the tank or attaching a magnetic version by hand.

We see sniper teams operating another Gaza-made weapon, the al-Ghoul anti-materiel rifle, which was first introduced during the 2014 war on Gaza.

We see the Palestinian resistance flying drones over Israeli military camps, dropping grenades and disabling tanks with larger anti-armor warheads carried by their hexacopter drones, or knocking out Israeli military surveillance towers and automatic machine gun posts along Israel’s billion-dollar Gaza fence on 7 October.

We see weapons Palestinians built under a brutal 17-year siege, with their own hands, out of “the impossible,” as Qassam’s spokesman Abu Obeida said in October.

The following video analyses are in reverse chronological order, starting from the most recent battles. 

The battle for Shifa hospital II, day 180

Location: Gaza City

The battle for Shifa hospital, day 173

Location: Gaza City

Mujahid Mansour’s lone-wolf West Bank attack against Israeli special forces, day 173

Location: Ramallah hills

West Bank resistance operations, day 166

Location: Jenin

Resistance battles along Israel’s tank corridor cutting across the Gaza Strip; and the US Army’s Gaza pier plan, day 166

Locations: Gaza City; Middle Camps; Khan Younis

How the resistance uses drones to drop munitions on Israeli tanks and troops; and how drones were used at the beginning of the 7 October al-Aqsa Flood operation, day 159

Locations: 7 October operation; Beit Hanoun; Khan Younis

How the resistance defeats armored vehicles with homemade anti-tank weapons, day 153

Locations: Khan Younis; Middle Camps; Gaza City

Islamic Jihad detonates an unexploded Israeli bomb against Israeli troops during the battle of Zeitoun, day 153

Locations: Gaza City

Qassam Brigades al-Ghoul sniper rifle, day 145

Location: Gaza City

Resistance destroys outdated M113 troop carriers, day 145

Location: Khan Younis

The Joint Operations Room; how the various Palestinian resistance factions fight together, day 138

Location: Khan Younis

Ansarullah downs US Reaper drone, day 138

Location: Hodeidah, Yemen

Sniper operations against Israeli snipers, day 131

Location: Gaza City

Yassin anti-tank attacks and Israeli military medical evacuations, day 131

Location: Gaza City; Khan Younis

Hizballah demonstrates new anti-tank guided missile, day 131

Location: Israel-Lebanon border

How Palestinian fighters avoid Israeli drone surveillance, day 131

Location: Khan Younis

West Bank resistance intensifies, day 131

Location: Jenin and the northern West Bank

Qassam Brigades sniper takes out Israeli officer responsible for first raid on al-Shifa hospital, day 124

Location: Gaza City

How Palestinian fighters have used the rubble and blown-out buildings of Israel’s military destruction to their battlefield advantage, day 117

Location: Khan Younis

Hizballah demonstrates Almas top-attack anti-tank guided missile for first time, day 117

Location: South Lebanon

Resistance hit Israeli troops with sniper and anti-tank fire, day 110

Location: Khan Younis

Resistance kills 21 soldiers – the deadliest single attack on Israeli forces up to that point – during an operation that saw a Yassin strike detonate a mine-filled building with Israeli troops who were preparing the mines to destroy ten Palestinian homes, day 110

Location: Middle Camps

Palestinian fighters salute their founding commanders during battle, day 103

Location: Middle Camps

Street fighting and tunnel ambushes, day 103

Location: Northern Gaza

Hizballah attacks against Israeli positions, day 96

Location: Lebanon-Israel border

Yassin anti-tank tactics, day 96

Location: Northern Gaza; Gaza City

Palestinian fighters leave messages for displaced families, day 89

Location: Shuja’iyya, Gaza City

How the resistance uses attack tunnels to bring the fight to Israeli tanks, day 89

Location: Middle Camps

Anti-tank units operate effectively against Israeli armored vehicles, day 74

Location: Northern Gaza

Israeli propaganda inadvertently reveals stunning Qassam Brigades tunnel large enough to drive trucks through, day 74

Location: Northern Gaza

How Gaza-made weapons are defining the battle against Israeli armored vehicles, day 38

Location: Gaza Strip



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