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Israel lobby launches fierce counterattack against American Studies Association

Israel lobby groups launch fierce counterattack against the American Studies Association, including calls for repressive legislation, boycotts and other measures to silence solidarity with Palestinians.

Under pressure, PLO tries to limit damage from Abbas attack on Israel boycott

Today’s statement should be seen as a sign that the PA understands that it cannot impose its unpopular views on Palestinian civil society.

Campus not an “ethics-free zone”: Watch Ali Abunimah on academic boycott of Israel

Universities are traditionally, and ought to remain, sites of ethical deliberation and that is why more people are willing to consider the boycott of Israel.

Remembering Palestinian mental health pioneer Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj

Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj passed away yesterday in the besieged Gaza Strip, after a life fighting for Palestinian mental health and human rights.

Major Indigenous studies group endorses Israel boycott

The Native American and Indigenous Studies Association has declared its support for the Palestinian call for the boycott of Israeli academic institutions.

ASA membership votes to boycott Israel by landslide

In milestone vote, ASA members approve Israel boycott by two-to-one margin.

Palestinians urge NBC to cancel show that aids Israel's Jerusalem land grab

New NBC drama to be filmed in Jerusalem “will give legitimacy to Israel’s policies of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and colonization,” groups say.

New UK drones “field tested” on captive Palestinians

Charity calls for arms embargo as UK awards massive drone contract to Israeli firm that boasts its weapons are “field tested” on Palestinians in occupied territory.

In South Africa, Abbas opposes boycott of Israel

Abbas has made his clearest statement in opposition to BDS and South Africa rabbi who spoke at Mandela memorial lived in an Israeli settlement.

Letter reveals StandWithUs bullying of SoCal Chinese center over Palestine conference

Israel-government linked StandWithUs smears speakers, students and activists as “extremists” with “terrorist” ties in effort to scare venue hosting Palestine solidarity conference.


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