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Did Israeli filmmaker Yariv Horowitz fabricate story of brutal attack by “Arab youths” in France?

French police have given The Electronic Intifada additional details about what allegedly happened that cast further doubt on Horowitz’s accounts.

PLO launches online platform to attack BDS right after sabotaging UN vote on settlements

The PLO today launched a new online forum whose main priority appears to be to undermine the BDS movement.

Israeli corporal Ari Ben Reuven says: “break every bone” of crying Palestinian boy seized on way to school

The Electronic Intifada has captured even more horrifyingly racist and violent statements by Israeli soldiers on Facebook targeting Palestinian children.

“Castrate them!” “Burn them!” “Bullet in the head!”: Facebook Israelis react to photo of Palestinian kids

A picture of three Palestinian children unleashes a torrent of violent and sadistic fantasies from Israeli Facebook users.

Goldstone again? Source: rights groups fear Palestinian cave-in at UN could scuttle action on settlements

Palestinian human rights advocates fear that the Palestinian Authority is about to help bury a UN report on Israeli settlements that could lead to sanctions on Israel.

Video: As Obama lands, Israeli soldiers violently arrest Palestinian 8-year-olds on their way to school

The video shows harrowing scenes of young children clinging to parents as heavily-armed Israeli occupiers drag them away.

“May all Arabs die!” Israelis on Facebook express joy at Jordan bus crash that killed Palestinian pilgrims

Some Israelis reacted with genocidal joy on Facebook to the horrifying news this morning that 17 Palestinians returning from a pilgrimage had been killed in a bus accident in Jordan.

Police to charge U of Oregon instructor in violent assault on student Palestine activists caught on video

Shocking video shows University of Oregon instructor assaulting student activists at mock checkpointing highlighting similarities of Palestine with US-Mexico border region.

After hard-fought battle, students celebrate divestment vote victory at UC San Diego

The vote is another indicator of growing support for divestment among students, which is why Zionist groups have vigorously opposed such resolutions whenever they have been proposed

Israel interrogates, expels well-known South African academic Salim Vally, invited to lecture in Palestine

Israel continues to severely restrict academic and other contacts between Palestinians and the outside world while complaining that it is being unjustly targeted by academic and cultural boycott.


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