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Video: Racist West Bank settler whines that there are Arabs near his house

The video unintentionally provides a glimpse of the racist and colonial conditions Palestinians live under.

Paris court fines Air France for following Israeli order to interrogate passenger whether she was Jewish

“The court declares Air France guilty of the crime of discrimination,” the judge said in her ruling.

Head of main French Jewish group apologizes for “false news” of “lynching” of Israeli director

CRIF president Richard Prasquier said his organization should never have published the report and called on Horowitz to offer an apology and explanation.

Listen! New music from Palestinian hip hop legends DAM as they kick off US tour

“New melodies and rhythms that in our minds go beyond what is expected of traditional hip-hop.”

His lies about brutal “Arab” attack in France exposed, Israeli director Yariv Horowitz concocts new ones

Horowitz now states falsely that he did not originate the claim that “Arabs” carried out the attack and that he has tried to calm the “maelstrom” sparked by his fabrications.

Israeli director Yariv Horowitz must retract false claim of anti-Semitic attack says Aubagne film festival

The Aubagne International Film Festival has called on Israeli filmmaker Yariv Horowitz to retract the claim, widely reported in Israeli media, that he was the victim of a vicious anti-Semitic beating by “Arab youths” that left him unconscious while he was present at the festival earlier this month.

Did Israeli filmmaker Yariv Horowitz fabricate story of brutal attack by “Arab youths” in France?

French police have given The Electronic Intifada additional details about what allegedly happened that cast further doubt on Horowitz’s accounts.

PLO launches online platform to attack BDS right after sabotaging UN vote on settlements

The PLO today launched a new online forum whose main priority appears to be to undermine the BDS movement.

Israeli corporal Ari Ben Reuven says: “break every bone” of crying Palestinian boy seized on way to school

The Electronic Intifada has captured even more horrifyingly racist and violent statements by Israeli soldiers on Facebook targeting Palestinian children.

“Castrate them!” “Burn them!” “Bullet in the head!”: Facebook Israelis react to photo of Palestinian kids

A picture of three Palestinian children unleashes a torrent of violent and sadistic fantasies from Israeli Facebook users.


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