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Palestinian, Arab American scholars back ASA’s Israel boycott, condemn “intimidation”

“BDS is a legitimate, non-violent tool of resistance by peoples enduring settler-colonialism, occupation, and apartheid”

Video shows nightly brutality of Israeli occupation forces in Jerusalem

Jerusalem youths “rising up against the wall of starvation and apartheid.”

Watch: BBC and Swiss TV comedy sketches skewer Israeli colonization

In some ways, these comedians have shown more courage and truth than many mainstream journalists.

Boycott “greatest threat” facing Israel, leaders say

International grassroots activism is at last making Israel’s most intransigent and racist leaders feel some pressure.

Children killed by Israeli soldiers “hiding” near schools, says Human Rights Watch

At least twice in 2013, Israeli occupation forces ambushed, shot and killed Palestinian children near schools in the occupied West Bank for no apparent reason.

Hip hop (still) lives in Palestine - Listen to album preview

Listen to a preview of “Ongoing Culture,” a forthcoming album by Gaza hip hop artists.

Israel demolishes home of Palestinian citizen - video

Before dawn on Sunday morning, Israeli forces demolished the home of a Palestinian citizen of Israel in the town of Umm al-Fahim in the north of present-day Israel.

Video: Heavily armed Israeli occupation soldiers arrest Jerusalem girl

Eyewitness accounts do not support Israeli claim of “stabbing” attempt.

Moddi cancels Tel Aviv gig after appeal from Gaza

In his powerful statement, Moddi explains that “Although music can be a unique arena for public debate, the debate over these territories has been misused for a long time. Discussion and dialogue creates an impression of constant progress.”

Israel's Dublin embassy, notorious for racist gaffes, wins online diplomacy prize

While award elicits well-deserved mockery, it also highlights ongoing complicity between Israeli academic institutions and government anti-Palestinian propaganda initiatives.


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