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Israeli forces raid home to arrest 4-year-old, dad says

“I told the officer, ‘you want to arrest him; should I send milk and diapers with him?”

One year after “ceasefire,” Gaza’s suffering deepens

Palestinians are constantly lectured: “It is your resistance that brings punishment on you. Be quiet and you will see things improve.” But this is a lie.

Boycott activists beat Israel lobby in French high court

The high court ruling strikes a severe blow to efforts – supported by the government – to use legal repression to outlaw boycott, divestment and sanctions campaigns supporting Palestinian rights.

Activists burst occupation profiteer SodaStream’s “feel-good” bubble

Interfaith coalition days of action will ask shoppers to boycott and retailers to de-shelve SodaStream products made in illegal Israeli colony during “Days of Action” from 29 November to 10 December.

Video: As siege stops pumps, Gaza children wade to school in sewage

This is no “natural” disaster. It is the result of the sewer-like politics of the region, where Israel and Egypt collude, with US and EU complicity, to tighten the Gaza siege.

What future for the Palestinian movement? Two debates

Watch as Bill Quandt, Ali Abunimah, Osamah Khalil and Manal Jamal address the past, present and future directions of the Palestinian national movement and the “peace process” at the Palestine Center.

Rasmea Odeh’s day in court

Rasmea Odeh spent ten years and faced torture and abuse in Israeli prison. Now as she faces the full weight of the US government trying to jail her for alleged “immigration fraud,” her first day in court reveals much about the violence of US “justice.”

Prison or death? Egypt coup regime forces grim choice on Palestine refugees

Horror at sea: Syria refugees describe children and elderly drowning in desperate flight from Egypt persecution.

Yes, John Kerry, there can be a single, democratic state in Palestine

US Secretary of State John Kerry says “there’s no such thing as a one-state solution.” In a video talk, Ali Abunimah explains why such statements are wrong.

As Ambassador Power praises ADL, Abe Foxman savages John Kerry

Foxman’s open attack on a US secretary of state, especially one who has been so friendly to Israel, is unusual.


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