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Video: Joseph Massad on Zionism’s strategy of “Peace is War”

Asserting its “peaceful” intentions while waging colonial war against Palestinians and other Arabs has always been central to Israel’s propaganda, says Columbia professor.

“What’s going on” - New track from Gaza hip hop duo Revolution Makers

I was introduced to Revolution Makers when I saw them perform a rare live hip hop performance live in Gaza City. This is their newest song.

Israel blocks European parliament members from visiting besieged Gaza Strip

Israel’s ongoing theft of Palestinian land, and now its ban on a parliamentary delegation visiting Gaza, are signs of its confidence that it can bully the with impunity.

Turning the Palestinian right of return into a practical reality - video

Palestinians have fiercely defended their right to return. But what would return actually look like and how can they make it happen? A thought-provoking video from Badil gives an introduction to some of the practicalities and ongoing efforts.

Toronto transit bans “Disappearing Palestine” ad claiming risk of anti-Jewish violence

Could this ad really incite violence against Jews in Toronto? The city’s Transit Commission says yes.

Palestinian, Syrian refugees who died at sea buried in nameless graves

Italy slammed for “abject failure” in wake of shipwrecks as hundreds of refugees are buried in Sicily.

World Bank project to “save” Dead Sea will destroy it, say Palestinian groups

“It has become clear beyond doubt that the project is an unacceptable attempt to force the Palestinian population to consent to their own dispossession and to compromise on their own rights.”

Israel beefs up embassies with dedicated boycott fighters

Israel is already monitoring Palestinian solidarity campaigns abroad. Now it is ramping up its efforts to stop them.

Watch the video on Israeli racism The New York Times didn't want you to see

Israel’s officially-incited racism against Africans and Palestinians is no secret. So why does it rarely make its way into mainstream media?

Egypt coup regime hires Israel-linked Washington lobby firm

Arik Ben-Zvi, managing director of the firm hired by Egypt, served in the Israeli army. The lobby shop was founded by senior members of the Democratic Party.


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