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Egypt activist Mona Seif, nominated for Geneva human rights prize, hits back at Zionist smear campaign

Ironically, while UN Watch twists Seif’s words to smear her as a supporter of “terrorism,” the Zionist group itself has frequently justified and defended violence against civilians by Israel.

Morgan Freeman and Jian Ghomeshi, say no to Israeli apartheid on May 6!

Cynical award honors Freeman for “combating racism”

Medical racism: Israel hospital director complains that too many African babies are being born

The official also played on common racist tropes of Africans and people of color as bearers of diseases.

Must-see photos: Activists remix “Visit Israel” ads on Irish bus shelters

The ads that said “Visit Israel” now say “Boycott Israel” among other biting and funny messages.

Israeli PM’s advisor “bullish” Israel will benefit from Boston bombing - just like Netanyahu after 9/11

Comments reveal cynical and calculated Israeli government assessment of how to exploit an American tragedy for nakedly political purposes.

Obama’s rush to judgment: Was the Boston bombing really a “terrorist” act?

Why are some acts of mass violence against civilians labeled “terrorism” and others not?

Hoax “Mossad agents list” circulating online does real harm to Palestinians whose names are on it

Don’t circulate sensational information that you can’t verify, or can’t be verified by a trusted news source.

Video: Racist West Bank settler whines that there are Arabs near his house

The video unintentionally provides a glimpse of the racist and colonial conditions Palestinians live under.


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