Internet & Technology


Launch announcement press release for The Electronic Intifada’s new website, switched from Intranet to Internet mode on 4 September 2002. 

The blogging war

Politically-oriented, personal Web-journals - dubbed ‘blogs’ - have become part of the battle being fought over the Internet between supporters of Israel and of the Palestinians. The Jerusalem Post’s Alan Abbey takes a look. 

Net Effect: The Middle East’s e-War

It’s just after 8 a.m. on a Friday morning and Ali Abunimah is about to pressure National Public Radio (NPR), one of the United States’ most authoritative news sources, to correct itself. How? By zinging an e-mail to NPR headquarters in Washington, D.C. Welcome to the Middle East conflict’s cyberfront, an electronic theater of war where anger, outrage, and righteousness are the foot soldiers, and a one-man, makeshift media monitor with a Web site can redraw the battle lines. 

Wired Palestine

The internet has been central to the conflict in the Middle East over the past 13 months, spreading news and also mobilising support around the world. Websites of organisations aligned to the opposing sides have aso been attacked by skilled computer hackers in the increasingly complex cyber war. Irishman Enda Murray travelled to Israel and the Occupied territories to meet those involved in the issues.