Israeli troops attack the main Internet service provider

Israeli troops yesterday attacked the Ramallah offices of Palnet‚ the main Internet service provider in the West Bank. The damage the troops caused resulted in several sites being offline for the day — including various ministries such as the Ministry of Health. Their interference also meant that the Birzeit University website also became inaccessible, a complete disaster for the thousands of students who have been continuing their courses on line after they were physically unable to get to the university due to the Israeli imposed closure and curfews.

As one Palestinian youth commented, “using the Internet is the only opportunity we have at the moment of seeing anything more than our houses! It is our only way of making a connection with the world.”

Israeli soldiers killed two Palestinian yesterday. In Qalqiliya in the north of the West Bank, Mahmoud Hilal was burnt to death in the factory in which he worked. Israeli troops fired fire grenades at the five-story building and the fire spread quickly engulfing the factory, killing Mahmoud and leaving 15 others needing treatment for suffocation and smoke and fume inhalation.

In Gaza, Israeli soldiers shot Nabal Ahmed Al-Amoudy, 27, in the eye with live ammunition as they invaded Beit Lahiya. These invasions into Palestinian areas are a regular occurrence throughout the towns and villages Israeli troops have not yet re-occupied.