Two Palestinian children killed by explosive device

Last night two Palestinian boys were killed in an explosion in the Al-Ama’ari refugee camp in Ramallah. Eyewitnesses said that some children, who were playing football in the street, had found a pipe-like object lying on the ground.

The children brought the object into the camp, and the device which then exploded killed Ahmad Jawwad Abu Radaha, 7 years old and Fadi Muhammad ‘Ashour, 17 years old.

Seven other Palestinians were injured in the explosion, including 6 year old Hamdan Ahmad Al-Lulu. Eyewitnesses believe the device was left there by the Israeli army currently occupying Ramallah.

An eyewitness, Um Ziad who lives next to where the incident happened, gave the following statement:

“We were sitting in our house yesterday evening when we suddenly heard a loud explosion. My son told me not to worry as it was probably just a sound bomb thrown by the Israeli army. However, we heard screaming and shouting and went out to look what had happened. I was met by an awful sight. I saw people laying on the ground and blood was all over. The youngest boy was gruesomely mutilated; his face was blown away and the brain was scattered on the ground. Another boy was also killed and some people were injured. After the explosion, panic broke out in the camp as people believed they were being attacked by the army. Children were running everywhere and people were screaming. To add to the chaos Israeli troops entered the camp and forced everybody back into their houses. It was a horrible incident. I have been crying all night and today I didn’t manage to eat or drink anything after the sight of the little boy who was killed.”
The killing of the two boys yesterday brings the number of Palestinian children killed by the Israeli army since the outbreak of the Intifada to 317. The total number of Palestinians killed has now reached more than 1760.