Beirut street projections in New York City

Projection of a multimedia piece on the Washington Square Arch.

On Saturday, August 12th, members of the NY-based activist collective Action Wednesday, organized a series of projections in outdoor public spaces around Manhattan. The videos were aimed at giving out information and raising awareness about Israel’s war against Lebanon. Three locations were chosen for projections: Washington Square Park, Union Square, and the Bowery. Five videos were used: the Electronic Lebanon PSA, “From Beirut to…those who love us”, “Beirut 1982/2006”, footage from a recent demonstration in Washington DC, and a montage of images and factoids. Equipment and guidance was provided by the Graffiti Reseach Lab. Photos by EI’s Nigel Parry.

Passers by watch antiwar projections on the Washington Square Arch, in Washington Square Park.

A scene from “From Beirut to…those who love us…”, projected onto the side of the Washington Square Arch facing into the park.

A passerby watches a projection of “From Beirut to…those who love us…”.

A scene from a multimedia piece by Suzy Salamy, “Beirut 1982/Beirut 2006”, projected onto the Washington Square Arch.

Palestinian poet Suheir Hammad speaks in part of the Electronic Lebanon PSA being projected in Washington Square Park. In the foreground, the multimedia projection cart is visible.

The Bowery

Palestinian artist Emily Jacir stands in front of a projection on a wall in the Bowery in New York City.

Tools of the trade: A 4000 lumens multimedia projector and laptop, powered by boat batteries.

Union Square

The Electronic Lebanon logo, from the end of the Public Service Announcement, projected on the wall of Virgin Records in Union Square.

An activist from the Graffiti Research Lab controls the projections in Union Square.

Projection of Suzy Salamy’s “Beirut 1982/Beirut 2006” multimedia piece in Union Square

Nigel Parry is a cofounder of the Electronic Intifada.

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