Mohammad Az Zanoun and the Spirit of Nonviolent Resistance

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The multimedia panel on EI’s News & Analysis metasection, showing one of the many incredible images from the Maan News Agency. (EI)

Each section contains a unique multimedia panel. During the Gaza invasion, we are using all of these panels to point to the special BY TOPIC section of Key Events, “Israel invades Gaza (27 June 2006)”, and to showcase some of the incredible photographs from on the ground put out by the Ma’an News Agency.

EI was saddened to learn this morning of the serious injury of 20-year-old Ma’an photographer Mohammad Az Zanoun in Gaza. A new employee of Ma’an, Mohammad has been taking some incredible photographs of the Israeli invasion. On Thursday, he miraculously escaped injury when an Israeli shell landed among a group of Palestinians.

This morning, he was photographing in the Zaitoun area of Gaza, where he lives, when Israeli tanks entered the area. He was injured by shrapnel in his mouth, hand and body, but continued to work believing, in the words of Ma’an, that “his honest photos might move the hearts and conscience of the world”.

Ma’an photographer Mohammad Az Zanoun at the office in Gaza. Mohammad was hit several times by Israeli fire when covering the incursion east of Gaza City, July 8, 2006. (Ma’anImages/Stringer)

When he continued to work, Israeli soldiers aimed at him directly, and shot him in the stomach. Eyewitnesses reported that he fell to the ground shouting “Where is the camera? There are many photos in it which are witness to the killing of Palestinians; there are many photos of the Palestinians who have been killed.”

He is currently undergoing a serious operation in Gaza’s Shifa hospital.

Palestinians like Mohammad exemplify the spirit of nonviolent resistance shared by the majority of the Palestinian people, who only wish to live their lives in peace but face an unimaginable situation of daily violent colonization of their land, as Israel scrambles to change as many facts on the ground in its favor before the world wakes from its slumber.

Mohammad’s unswerving belief that, if the Palestinian narrative could only be communicated to the world, that the consciences and hearts of the people will be moved to say to Israel, “Enough is enough”, is a belief that literally gave birth to the Electronic Intifada.

For Ma’an’s report on Mohammed Az Zanoun, see:

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Nigel Parry, for EI
8 July 2006

Nigel Parry is one of the co-founders of EI.

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