The Electronic Intifada Podcast

Day 257 roundtable: Gaza's deepening agony

Hope persists despite worsening days in Gaza, with Abubaker Abed (01:47); Nora Barrows-Friedman delivers the latest news highlights (30:20); The duty to document Israel’s genocidal crimes, with Aseel Mousa (53:10); Jon Elmer reports on resistance in Rafah, ambush in Netzarim corridor and Hizballah’s escalation on Lebanon front (01:21:44); Group discussion (02:22:19). 

Day 250 roundtable: A massacre in Nuseirat

Nora Barrows-Friedman delivers the latest news highlights (01:09); Omar Karmi on the failure of what the US purports are its diplomatic efforts to achieve a ceasefire (24:45); Ali Abunimah on Israel’s relentless efforts to push its discredited 7 October mass rapes narrative (01:04:07); Jon Elmer covers the resistance throughout the Gaza Strip, from Rafah to Beit Hanoun, including a look at some of the latest videos from the ground (01:43:31); Group discussion (02:33:09). 

Day 243 roundtable: Biden's ceasefire plan

News report from Gaza and the West Bank (01:13); Ali Abunimah summarizes the prospects for a ceasefire (30:51); Helena Cobban on understanding Hamas and analyzing regional and global political developments (54:39); Jon Elmer covers latest news from the resistance across Gaza (01:51:52); Group discussion (02:57:21) 

Day 236 roundtable: Israel burns Rafah; Jabaliya fights back

News report (04:07); Tarek Loubani on Gaza’s medical catastrophe (24:19); Asa Winstanley examines widespread acceptance of Hannibal Directive across Israeli society (01:09:55); Jon Elmer breaks down videos of Palestinian resistance operations from Rafah to Jabaliya (01:37:44); Group discussion (02:45:55). 

Day 222 roundtable: Resistance everywhere

News roundup from Gaza (01:25); Dr. Khaled Dawas on providing medical care in Gaza (26:52); Jon Elmer covers fighting by Palestinian resistance forces in Rafah, Gaza City and Jabaliya (01:04:39); Group discussion on Hasan Nasrallah’s speech and how Israel has lost the war (02:18:15). 

Day 215 roundtable: Rafah

News report (01:28); Abubaker Abed reports live from Gaza (23:33); Dr. Adel Elsharkawy on treating newborns in Gaza (41:05); Sabiya Ahamed of Palestine Legal and Shahd al-Hadid of Sheffield University talk about university encampments and knowing your legal rights to protest (01:04:50); Jon Elmer analyzes latest resistance videos (01:31:10); Group discussion (01:21:08). 


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