The Electronic Intifada Podcast

Day 191 roundtable: Iran retaliates

Opening remarks and videos of Iran’s military action (00:23); Dr. Mohammad Marandi analyzes Iran’s retaliation and broader regional implications (14:15); Group discussion (55:26). 

Day 187: High-tech genocide

Weekly news roundup (01:21); Antony Loewenstein on Israel’s use of AI during its genocide in Gaza (18:08); Jon Elmer on resistance ambush in Khan Younis and Hizballah downing Israeli drone (01:10:22); A discussion on regional and political developments (02:00:39). 

Why Iran supports Palestine

Tehran’s foreign policy is rooted in its history and worldview, including anti-colonialism, expert tells The Electronic Intifada Podcast. 

Day 180 roundtable: No red lines in Israel's genocide

Weekly news roundup (01:12); Abubaker Abed live from Gaza (27:04); Dr. Yipeng Ge on Israel’s attacks on healthcare (55:24); David Cronin discusses why he was banned from a Dutch university (01:29:05); Jon Elmer on the battles for al-Shifa, Nasser and al-Amal hospitals (01:48:14); A discussion on the Gaza resistance, Western interference and the World Central Kitchen (02:22:57). 

Why does Israel seek to destroy UNRWA?

Former UNRWA official Lex Takkenberg explains willingness of Western countries to play along with Israel’s attacks on vital UN agency. 

Day 173 roundtable: The battle for al-Shifa Hospital

Weekly news roundup (01:09); Ali Abunimah on the latest collapse of Israel’s “mass rapes” fraud (21:33); Jon Elmer analyzes Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza and West Bank (01:00:03); Discussion with Abdaljawad Omar on Palestinian resistance (01:49:14). 

Day 166 roundtable: Ilan Pappé, starvation as a weapon

Ilan Pappé on the genocide in Gaza and the end of Zionism (13:32); Dr. Ben Thomson on treating patients in Gaza (01:16:51); Jon Elmer on the US Army’s operation to build a pier in Gaza City and videos from the Palestinian resistance (01:49:39); A discussion on latest events (02:35:00); and a news report (01:07). 


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