The Electronic Intifada Podcast

Day 159 roundtable: Ramadan genocide

Walaa Sabah on her family in Gaza (13:12); Palestine Action’s Huda Ammori on sustained interventions against UK complicity in Israel’s genocide (33:30); Jon Elmer’s latest analysis of Palestinian armed resistance (01:08:48); Group discussion on 7 October incidents of “friendly fire” and Gaza port (01:31:17); Nora Barrows-Friedman’s news update (01:00). 

Day 153 roundtable: How the media aids genocide

Pediatric specialist Dr. Arham Ali on working at the NICU in a Gaza hospital (15:27); Bryce Greene on how the media launders Israel’s lies (34:26); Jon Elmer on Palestinian resistance in Gaza (01:23:00); and a news update (01:16). 

Day 145 roundtable: John Mearsheimer, resistance and famine

Journalist Abubaker Abed live from the Gaza Strip (0:44); John Mearsheimer on US policy on Israel (21:26); Nora Barrows-Friedman with a news update (01:09:59); Ali Abunimah on recent developments in New York Times’ “mass rapes” hoax (01:23:47); and military analysis by Jon Elmer (01:40:29). 

Day 138 roundtable: Catastrophe in Khan Younis, occupation on trial at ICJ

Craig Mokhiber on International Court of Justice hearings (15:18); Thaer Ahmad on attacks on Gaza hospitals (01:01:38); Asa Winstanley on BBC using Israel spies for reporting on Palestine (01:27:18); Jon Elmer on latest Gaza military developments (01:43:50); and a news update (00:24). 

Day 131 roundtable

David Miller on employment tribunal victory (12:53); Activist Farrah Koutteineh and The Electronic Intifada’s David Cronin on protests against Sinn Fein in Ireland (45:10); Ali Abunimah on Hillary Clinton and Jeffrey Gettleman laundering fraudulent “mass rape” story at Columbia University (1:10:46); Jon Elmer on resistance in Gaza (1:34:52); and a news update (00:50). 

Day 124 roundtable: Will the genocide end?

Activist Hazami Barmada on protesting outisde of Antony Blinken’s house (10:57); Ali Abunimah on major boycott victories (34:20); Jon Elmer on resistance in Gaza (57:34); a discussion on a possible ceasefire proposal (1:46:22); and a news update (1:08). 

Watch: How are women giving birth in Gaza?

“There are so few healthcare facilities that can deliver a baby when something goes wrong,” says Laila Baker of UN agency for sexual and reproductive health. 


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