The Electronic Intifada Podcast

Day 131 roundtable

David Miller on employment tribunal victory (12:53); Activist Farrah Koutteineh and The Electronic Intifada’s David Cronin on protests against Sinn Fein in Ireland (45:10); Ali Abunimah on Hillary Clinton and Jeffrey Gettleman laundering fraudulent “mass rape” story at Columbia University (1:10:46); Jon Elmer on resistance in Gaza (1:34:52); and a news update (00:50). 

Day 124 roundtable: Will the genocide end?

Activist Hazami Barmada on protesting outisde of Antony Blinken’s house (10:57); Ali Abunimah on major boycott victories (34:20); Jon Elmer on resistance in Gaza (57:34); a discussion on a possible ceasefire proposal (1:46:22); and a news update (1:08). 

Watch: How are women giving birth in Gaza?

“There are so few healthcare facilities that can deliver a baby when something goes wrong,” says Laila Baker of UN agency for sexual and reproductive health. 

Day 117 roundtable: Famine in Gaza, UNRWA funding slashed

Author Laila El-Haddad on the lawsuit against Biden administration in federal court (7:49); Ali Abunimah with updates on New York Times’ fraudulent “mass rapes” article (41:46); former UNRWA spokesperson Chris Gunness (59:29); Jon Elmer with the latest on the resistance (1:24:16); and Gaza and West Bank news with Nora Barrows-Friedman (00:52). 

Special livestream: Decision at the ICJ

Susan Akram, director of the International Human Rights Clinic at Boston University’s School of Law, in discussion about the implications of the World Court ruling. 

Livestream roundtable: Regional resistance to genocide

Day 110 with guest Helena Cobban on geopolitics (13:26); Gaza news with Nora Barrows-Friedman (:39); new revelations about 7 October with Asa Winstanley (44:38); Ali Abunimah responds to Washington Post’s lies (1:02:27); and Jon Elmer with the latest on the resistance (1:27:15). 


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