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Why London's SOAS should vote to sever links with Israeli universities

Students at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies will hold a referendum next week on severing academic ties with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and other Israeli academic institution.

Watch: Al Jazeera's "Massacre at Dawn" gives glimpse of horror in Shujaiya

Israel prevented media from covering its bloodbath in eastern Gaza City neighborhood.

Muataz Washaha: Murdered by Israel as "peace" talks continue

Remember Edward Said’s message: more negotiations lead to more concessions.

“Only God knows” in Gaza, under cruel Israeli-Egyptian siege

Shahd Abusalama should be flying to Turkey for graduate studies, but she and 1.7 million other Palestinians remain trapped in Gaza as both Rafah crossing and Erez checkpoint remain closed.

Gaza's only exit to outside world is closed — again

Why do we have to suffer for what is happening in neighboring countries?

Israel’s prisoner release doesn’t legitimize “negotiations”

Palestinians celebrate the freedom of prisoners, despite Palestinian Authority efforts to use them to gain legitimacy for futile negotiations.

Exile in Gaza is not the victory we want for our heroic prisoners

While Ayman Sharawna was forcibly deported to Gaza for ten years in exchange for his release, Samer Issawi issues a statement on deportation showing his refusal of this policy under any circumstances.

Will Samer Issawi be the next victim of medical neglect by the Israeli Prison Service?

Medical neglect is one of the major brutal policies the Israeli Prison Service practices intentionally against Palestinian political prisoners.

Jerusalem family anxiously awaits return of son after 25 years in Israeli prison

Palestinian detainee Jihad al-Obeidi will soon be freed after 25 years in Israeli prison.


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