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"Gaza possesses the dignity of my entire nation"

In a speech at the closing event of 2014’s New Story Leadership program, Nisreen Zaqout gives voice to her home and family.

Gaza farmers urge Neil Young not to play Tel Aviv

Canadian rock star has a long history of defending agricultural workers in North America.

Conflict resolution: the game show!

A satirical solution to the Palestinian refugee crisis.

“We derive our energy to persist from you,” Hassan Karajah writes from Israeli prison

“Many of us are only recently detained, and our hearts are filled with joy when we meet prisoners who we have heard stories about for decades, whose pictures we have held high countless times.”

Finding our voices in the Palestinian stories we tell

A personal reflection on a first-hand experience of exile.

What is an observer state, anyway? A quick lesson on the statehood bid

Mom breaks down the UN bid, in case you needed an analogy for this monumental, historic moment.

Palestinian youth in Lebanon: Abbas must apologize to refugees

Protest and statement by Palestinian youth in Lebanon against Abbas’ statements on the right of return

Good morning, President Abbas

The Palestinian Authority does not have our permission to abandon the right of return.

From Shatila to Ramallah: an introduction

I never thought of myself as a teacher, and when my mother used to suggest the profession to me as a kid, I would flinch. But lately, that’s exactly who I am finding myself becoming – not just as an answer to our obsession with the “what do you do?” question, but as a general identification of how I see myself.
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