Humanity, from Syria to Gaza


(Nidal El-Khairy)


VERY unlike in Gaza. In Syria Hillary is appointing "opposition", arming it and threatening those who fight NATO/GCC/Zionist armed gangs. In Gaza, Hillary and NATO/GCC/Zionists are those doing the bombing.

Not mentioning all Syrians, including children, murdered by 3-stars armed gangs.

In short, if there is something common in Palestine and Syria - they both are victims of the same NATO/GCC/Zionists.
Sure, Syrian regime is guilty too. But NOT the same.

there are always contradictions in revolutions.. the people of syria have been living under a brutal regime for 40 years.. they have the right to resist it. There will always be opportunists and infiltrators... but that doesn't mean that there's a difference between Mig jets and F-16 bombarding civilians and thousands of political prisoners that disappeared out of the face of the earth. That's a struggle that you should recognize. We tend to focus on geopolitics and forget about human beings. I think thats exactly why the left has failed.

imperialist plots. Sometimes they could begin at the same time, but in such case revolution is dead VERY soon. Now, in Syria there are only new "contras" fighting against Assad and also against Syrians of "not-right" sects, and a lot of those contras are not even Syrians, but on payroll of the SAME forces which are murdering Palestinians. NATO's Turkey is bombing Syria. To close one's eyes on this reality is to muddle the question of Zionist crimes (and, by the way, Zionists are now bomb Syria as well).

And yes, there are always contradictions in revolutions. But in Russian revolution the side that got imperialist support was NOT the side of the revolution.

The armed "liberation" gangs are not infiltrators or opportunists, they just took over the whole civilian uprising in Syria and play the geostrategic game of the west. They kill for money and are the most barbaric bunch in service of USA and Israel. Israel has a 64 years experience in manipulating Arabs impoverished by the ongoing big looting. Our terrorists are sitting in the White House, in the Knesset and in Brussels and manipulate those Arab gangs which they pretend to fight with "war on terror". Their armed pawns (Al Qaida) are now in each Arab country since they have been created to fight in Afghanistan against the former URSS. 9/11 is the biggest lie and the most criminal terror attack world power has ever committed with their pawns. We have to organise globally against this terror conspiration by our criminal governments. They turned mad by too much of power. War is a crime! Lets stand firmly against it.

The backers of the Palestinian resistance are Assad and Iran. Assad with Iranian support has been using the most disproportionate force possibly against all sorts of large cities and small towns, including gunships, war jets, tanks, artillery pieces, TNT barrels, and even rocket barrages. Just looking at the destruction caused by the Assad army's heavy weapons all over Syria makes it obvious how Assad has been a far more destructive force than Israel. If this regime is supporting the Palestinian resistance, does that also delegitimize the Palestinians? No it doesn't.

This photo is pretty straightforward. Big armies slaughtering helpless civilians in the name of "counter-terrorism".

No, it is NOT "obvious how Assad has been a far more destructive force than Israel" (see Zionist crimes in Palestine and Lebanon in 2000-2012, to mention just a part of them)
So-called FSA(F$A) is using arms given by NATO and GCC to destroy Syria. Honest members of opposition (like "edward dark" - see twitter) admit that the most of destruction of Syria is a result of armed bands invading cities when they were NOT welcome, esp. as the majority of the bandits are not even from Syria. Of course, Edward admitted it only now, when his own city is destroyed by such NATO/GCC"revos"

And if NATO/GCC/Zionists are supporting such "revos" they do NOT do it out of love to Arabs, one needs only look into the history of the ME and their role. Not mentioning NATO/GCC/Zionist crimes NOW.

So, I hope that Nidal see now who support the equation between Syrian regime and Zionists - the whitewashers of Zionism and NATO, and orientalist to boot. Is Nidal happy with their support?

First of all, if it is not obvious, then you are simply not keeping up. Assad has been using tanks since the end of April, 2011. Why would anyone deploy tanks? In Algeria, we had a war that was tens of times bloodier, but we never had to use tanks to open fire on anyone. Rather, the only time the Algerian government used tanks was to slaughter demonstrators. How many have been killed in Syria? 40,000. For a comparison, Israel has killed less than 10,000 Palestinians and Lebanese over the past 12 years.

Second of all, the last time weapons were given to rebels, they managed to bleed the Soviet Union to death. You're telling me the rebels don't even have a supply of heavy weapons, yet they're somehow "backed" by "NATO/GCC"? Surreal. The truth is, like in Libya, the rebels are not being given weapons. The weapons are taken from the regime, or from the black market.

I don't believe the rebels would occupy north Homs for one year, and Aleppo for four months, had they not had strong support from the locals.

Additionally, are you aware the Syrian army has a long history of massacring Syrians in cities like Hama, and Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps such as Tel az-Zaatar?

Why? Why would NOT use arms against armed bands from abroad?

But I see. if for AEB Libyan NATO rebels are an inspiration, it is hopeless to argue with such example of NATO/GCC/Zionist propaganda.

Last time NATO/GCC brought fanatical "rebels" from all over the world to Afghanistan, the country was ruined. It still is. I wonder whether Syrians are eager to repeat the vicious circle of NATO/GCC "help" and then "war on terrorism", because Afghanistan was not only used as a snare for USSR regardless of its people, it was then invaded by the same NATO, and ruined anew, and still is being raped and pillaged.

I hope that it is NOT a fate that Nidal wishes for the worst enemy.

Additionally, is AEB aware that NATO has a long history of massacring Arabs, and every other non-whites all over the world? And that GCC is no better?

F$A does NOT occupy Aleppo for four months, they just run in, rob, murder and then run out, putting civilians who ask them to get lost to harm way.

Yes, F$A has support in SOME places. So what? Zionists had support in some places in Lebanon. They still were Zionists.

please dear westerners,,mind your own business and keep your damn theoris to your self, and try to fix the mess in your backyards instead of sticking your noses in our affairs,,we had enough from your governments,,no need also for clueless people to comment on our issues and confuse muslims living in the west

May God be with the Syrians, Palestinians and all the oppressed in the Muslim world

Because it is NATO who murders Syrians via F$A and Palestinians via Zionists. Of course, maybe there are another Europeans, who are against NATO and Zionism and thus against F$A, who could even have a gall to "comment" here about such facts, but if one does not like the facts, it is easier to just said "shut up". Of course, NATO/GCC/Zionists are NOT going to hear such command :(

Netanyahu has emphatically placed Israel where it belongs : in the Middle East. His ruthless disregard for international law does not jibe with European values. Israel needs to be excluded from any agreement with the European Union or membership in CERN, just to name a couple.

Sorry, but this orientalist rubbish about the Middle East is just it - rubbish. Zionists are European settlers on the ME, and colonizers just like European ones were(?) all over the world. No wonder, that EU (of Nobel Peace Prize unfame), which wage several colonial wars now, supports Zionists.

Netanyahu kills innocent people with high tech US weapons. Khadafi has been slaughtered by a french intelligence officer, helped by the US/Israeli mob ( their freedom fighters/terrorists). Assad would not have used his tanks against the mob if his soldiers and officers woiuld not have been slaughtered en masse. Again, it was not the uprising civil syrian society (who had no weapons) but the hired mob from NATO/US Saudi/Israel committing everywhere their carnage, thanks to the so called democratic leaders from the west. Fine people, aren't they? We vote for them!

"european values" is just sophistry for european consumption. european governments for the most part continue to support racist israel and oppressive dictatorships all over the world until they are no longer useful.europeans,for some reason, continue to believe in white supremacy domination of the peoples of the world.

that the white supremacist listed Qaddafi in the same line as Assad? Do you know what the same NATO/GCC revos did to Libya? Do you wish to Syria the same fate aka NATO/GCC bombs?

It is not a Counter USA moral compass that makes us righteous, the vicious imperial US, is not the only enemy of oppressed people we have Russia for example, its funding the killing of innocent people by an authoritarian\neo-liberal criminal regime, this is why the united states is pretending to support Syrian revolution even though they are the hidden enemy of it (alongside with GCCCandNATO) because they are injecting backward sectarian militias into Syria.
the syrian ppl have every right to revolt, and there is need to use the international alliances to justify the mad crimes of their regime, nor can you make their blood cheaper than the palestinian, we are after all one.

today.. the protesters in syria were chanting for gaza..

Given that armed gangs in Syria have the same masters as the old/new SNC, one could see that there is not a question of "infiltration", but simple of puppets of such great friends of Syrian and other ME people as NATO and GCC.

The same NATO/GCC are murdering people in Gaza and in Syria (and Bahrain, Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt and so on). More than that, without NATO/GCC "support for revolution" Syrian people would have more chance to get rid of Assad - just like in Egypt, when NATO/GCC/Zionists were against the revolution.

Does this mean that EI is taking sides with the terrorists sponsored by the imperialists in Syria? What a shame!

moments ago... Khaled meshal addresses the US and the west "if you want to keep your interest in the region, you should be the ally of the arabs instead of Israel", Also.. thanked Qatar for all its support... meaning imperialism will still remain in the region with all its interests and military .. does that mean you wouldn't side with people in gaza against the israeli massacres because of bad politics?

this is the logic i'm reading in this thread.

No matter who is making what claimes, Palestine is a colonized land and should be liberated.

Then, no one has a monopoly on Palestinian struggle.And even Khaled meshal is NOT a mere tool of NATO. He just seems not to understand the futility of his crowling before NATO. But even if he is being a fool, Palestinian struggle is not the same as him and his words.

I also for the Palestinian case against Abbas' sell-out, but AGAINST it, not supporting it.

Syrian "rebels", just like in Afghanistan and Libya are doing NATO/GCC job from the beginning. I also support Syrian people struggle for better future, but not the NATO puppets.

Nidal, I am from former USSR. I KNOW what does it mean when somebody is promicing you all the world being on CIA payroll. People of former USSR payed very steep price for believing such "reformers".

One more time - do you wish Syrians the fate of Libyans? Of Afghans?