Gaza Strip

"Representing" Palestine in London

This inner fragmentation, the state of simultaneously being inside and outside is a linguistic manifestation of Israel’s colonial policy of geopolitical and social separation between and among the same people.

PA pressure censors criticism of Gaza water management

Charlotte Silver
24 March 2014

A paper arguing that desalination would “legitimize” Israel’s theft of Palestine’s natural resources has been mysteriously deleted.

Ireland invented boycotts, so let’s use them to demand justice for Palestine

Conor McCarthy
17 March 2014

Trinity College Dublin has taken part in an EU-funded research partnership with Israel’s arms industry.

Italian “expo” will showcase Israeli propaganda

Stephanie Westbrook
14 March 2014

Expo 2015 will feature an pavilion whitewashing Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

“The noise in our country is endless,” says new track by Gaza duo Revolution Makers

The prolific and talented Gaza hip hop artists Revolution Makers have put out a new song, accompanied by video art.

Local Israel boycott part of Gaza’s “resistance mentality”

Joe Catron
3 March 2014

Farmers’ groups in Gaza prepare for Israeli Apartheid Week and a new year of boycott initiatives.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Gaza’s “Ambassador of Love”

Rami Almeghari
Gaza City
14 February 2014

Many Palestinians enjoy Valentine’s Day as a light-hearted celebration, but some say it is not in keeping with local traditions.

Closure of tunnels deprives Gaza of $230 million per month, says government

Khaled Alashqar
Gaza City
13 January 2014
Thousands have been affected by the actions of Egypt’s military.

Hip hop (still) lives in Palestine - Listen to album preview

Listen to a preview of “Ongoing Culture,” a forthcoming album by Gaza hip hop artists.

Five years on, family keep open Gaza clinic of doctor killed by Israel

Rami Almeghari
27 December 2013

Ehab Jasir al-Shaer was one of the first Palestinians killed during Operation Cast Lead.


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