Did Israeli army deliberately kill its own captured soldier and destroy Gaza ceasefire?

Israel has long had a murky procedure called the Hannibal Directive that some interpret as an order to do whatever it takes to prevent a soldier’s capture, even if it means killing him.

Warplane delivery makes Italy complicit in Israeli crimes

Stephanie Westbrook
1 August 2014
Bombers of Gaza’s children to take part in Sardinia training exercise this September.

Urgent call to action: Tell Egypt to end Gaza siege, refuse complicity in Israeli genocide

Dozens of Palestinian and international civil society and solidarity organizations are calling on people around the world to take actions to press Egypt to end its support for Israel’s siege and slaughter in Gaza.

Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith groups demand US stop arming Israel

“Right now in Gaza, every Palestinian is literally struggling to stay alive,” faith groups say.

"People are being killed because they demand to live in dignity": Voices from Gaza

We speak with Hala Joudeh and Khalil Abu Shammala in Gaza, and highlight other interviews with Gaza writers and scholars.

Video shows Israeli shelling of Shujaiya that killed Gaza journalist

On Wednesday, Israeli forces shelled the Shujaiya neighborhood of eastern Gaza City, killing 17 people at a market where people had gone to shop during what they thought would be a four-hour “humanitarian truce.”

Israeli play expelled from Edinburgh venue as Scots protest against Gaza attack

High-profile artists protest against involvement of Israeli theater company in major festival.

Israel uses Palestinians as human shields but US lawmakers condemn Hamas

A resolution being circulated in Washington echoes Israel’s most extreme propaganda.

As atrocities mount in Gaza, US approves Israeli request for more bombs

Pentagon resupplies Israel with requested munitions in spite of reservations about rising civilian death toll in Gaza.

"We have no power and no water," warns Gaza physician Dr. Mona El-Farra

Gaza’s strained health system lacks basic medicines as cases of infectious diseases rise.


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