Gaza fishermen suffer 85 percent income loss as Israeli siege, attacks continue

Joe Catron
Gaza City
29 December 2013

Israel navy has killed 2 Gaza fishermen, wounded 24, captured 147 and taken or damaged more than 150 boats since 2009.

Don't buy Israeli toys this Christmas

Halilit, a maker of musical instruments for babies, is headquartered in a forcibly depopulated Palestinian village.

One year after “ceasefire,” Gaza’s suffering deepens

Palestinians are constantly lectured: “It is your resistance that brings punishment on you. Be quiet and you will see things improve.” But this is a lie.

Gaza's construction sector still crushed by siege

Rami Almeghari
Gaza City
26 September 2013

Israel wants to “beautify” the image of its ongoing blockade against Gaza by letting in some construction materials.

Israel exploits Egypt turmoil to increase attacks on Gaza farmers

Joe Catron
Gaza City
12 September 2013

Caterpillar bulldozers are still being used to destroy land in the “buffer zone.”

BBC editor urged colleagues to downplay Israel's siege of Gaza

Internal emails reveal how Raffi Berg asked journalists to tone down criticism of Israel.

"Peace" talks are meaningless, says survivor of Gaza massacre

Joe Catron
Gaza City
2 August 2013

Jamal al-Dalou lost ten members of his family during Israel’s attack in November.

In photos: revisiting the survivors of Israel's November assault on Gaza

Anne Paq
13 May 2013

Journalist finds out how those she photographed are coping months after the attacks.

Who is responsible for the death of baby Omar Masharawi in Gaza last November?

UN’s conclusion that child was killed by Palestinian rocket is based on investigation by Gaza-based rights group.

Risking their lives to save lives: Gaza's first responders

Joe Catron
Gaza City
16 April 2013

Promises of aid to civil defense services have not been kept.


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