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University of Helsinki cancels G4S contract over support for Israeli prisons

Assurances by the security firm that it will not renew its contrasts with the Israeli Prison Service must not be trusted. 

Sussex students join UK's wave of Israel boycotts

The vote ensures that Israeli products will remain off the shelves at student union shops and means the student union should now step up its BDS campaigning

Dozens of European parliamentarians call for end to EU-Israel treaty

Parliamentarians say that allowing a trade agreement to stay in place “sends Israel the message that its violations of basic principles of human rights will be tolerated.”

EU must cease "material support" for Israel's crimes, say leading trade unions

Activists from nineteen countries demand the suspension of a key EU agreement with Israel.

End "booming military trade" between EU and Israel, say Palestinian rights groups

Arms exports to Israel worth more than $9.5 billion were approved by EU governments between 2005 and 2009.

Ireland’s biggest food retailer drops Israeli produce as European boycotts surge

The biggest food distributor in Ireland announced last week it had withdrawn Israeli products from its shops. Meanwhile, other major European retailers appear to have quietly taken similar decisions.

Bill Gates Foundation sells shares in Israeli prison contractor G4S

Young man at protest holds sign protesting G4S
Children are routinely tortured in prisons run with the help of the British-Danish security firm.

Activists force Catalan authorities to scrutinize academic collaboration with Israel

More than 350 academics and university staff in Catalonia support the academic boycott campaign.

Bill Gates refuses to accept responsibility for aiding Israel's prisons

Activists march on the Johannesbourg offices of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Foundation ignores own policy guidelines on avoiding investment in “egregious” activities.

Sainsbury’s supermarket pressured over Israeli land-grab firms

Campaigners take part in a dabke flashmob inside a Sainsbury's supermarket in London to protest it's sale of products supplied by Israeli companies that take part in the colonization of Palestinian land
Protests across 30 UK towns and cities condemn Sainsbury’s over its links to Israeli fresh produce exporters Mehadrin and Edom that operate in illegal Israeli settlements.


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