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Palestinian poet, translator win prestigious Griffin Poetry Prize

Ghassan Zaqtan was nearly prevented from receiving award when Canada initially refused to issue him visa.

Abir Kopty in US: Palestinians must reach out to African American community

Activist and writer was interrogated by Israel for article criticizing Israel’s attempts to recruit Palestinian Christians to army.

Hany Abu-Assad's "Omar" awarded at Cannes festival

Condom Lead by Gaza-born twins Tarzan and Arab also selected for short film competition.

Investigate Israel's killing of US teen, rights group tells Obama

Barack Obama has maintained silence over Israel’s 2009 killing of Furkan Doğan on the Gaza-bound Mavi Marmara.

"When I Saw You," "Detroit Unleaded" and more at Houston Palestine Film Fest

The seventh annual Houston Palestine Film Fest launches this Friday.

Harrowing video shows Israeli soldiers arresting Hebron children

Boy wails with fright as he is dragged away by heavily armed soldiers.

Looking inward at the Chicago Palestine Film Festival

This year’s festival featured work by filmmakers asking questions for their own community.

Who is responsible for the death of baby Omar Masharawi in Gaza last November?

UN’s conclusion that child was killed by Palestinian rocket is based on investigation by Gaza-based rights group.

Honoring Palestinian history: filmmaker Annemarie Jacir on "When I Saw You"

Annemarie Jacir on honoring the fedayeen who believed return to Palestine was a possibility.

Postage stamps and onions the latest threat to the State of Israel, writes Palestinian political prisoner

New essay by Ameer Makhoul skewers the absurd lengths to which Israeli authorities go to control the lives of Palestinian prisoners.


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