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Netanyahu threatens to force-feed hunger striking Palestinian prisoners

Israel Prison Service refuses to negotiate as hunger strike enters 45th day.

Palestinian children are not just statistics

The 1,400 Palestinian children slain by Israeli forces and settlers since 2000 have names, and so do their killers.

Rights groups call on Israel to free Druze army refuser

Young man smiles among crowd making victory symbol with their hands
Omar Saad was hospitalized after contracting a liver infection while imprisoned for refusing military service.

Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners punished by Israel

Crowd hold candles in tent covered with posters of political prisoners
Israel isolates hunger strikers, imposes solitary confinement and denies salts, putting lives of prisoners in jeopardy.

Lebanon deports Palestinian refugees to Syria

Refugees forcibly returned to Syria at “grave risk,” Human Rights Watch warns.

Israel holding 9 Palestinian legislators without charge or trial

Palestinians held in administrative detention on open-ended hunger strike in Israeli prisons.

Thousands at risk of starvation in Yarmouk, UN warns

Man carries box of UN provisions amid crowd
Syrian government “using starvation as a weapon of war,” says Amnesty International.

New campaign resource boosts efforts to burst SodaStream's bubble

SodaStream spent $180 million in marketing last year but is feeling the pressure from the growing boycott campaign.

Chicago Palestine Film Festival returns with Oscar-nominated “Omar”

Middle-aged woman inspects small coffee cup
Highlights include Amina Waheed’s Chicago-filmed documentary Corner Stores and Jessica Habie’s boldly experimental feature Mars at Sunrise.

Video: Victim recounts torture in Palestinian Authority prison

“I wish I could be as I was before, to walk on the street without fear,” says 28-year-old Osamah al-Shawamreh.


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