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Scottish independence could be positive for Palestine

Military equipment made in Fife has been used during Israel’s attack on Gaza.

The side of Jerusalem the New York Times ignores

We Palestinians in Jerusalem are facing institutionalized structural violence enforced by Israel.

Abbas runs out of excuses for inaction on Israel's war crimes

The Palestinian Authority has nothing to lose by ratifying the Rome Statue of the International Criminal Court.

PA parrots Israeli claims on Gaza attack

Blaming Hamas for the loss of Palestinian life is ludicrous.

The Palestinian Authority stands in the way of the Palestinian struggle

In recent months, the actions of the PA and statements of its head, Mahmoud Abbas, have polarized and angered Palestinians like never before.

Scottish students say "yes" to boycotting Israel

Union backs Palestinian right to education campaign, with just one vote against.

"Doctor" of Israeli spin omits key facts in tour of Scotland

Larry Rich, now a key figure in an Israeli medical center, served as a tank commander during the brutal occupation of Lebanon.

In Israel’s “democracy,” protests by Palestinian citizens face police brutality

In Israel, a citizen’s right toprotest depends on his or her ethnic and religious background. If those protesting happen to be Palestinian citizens of Israel, those rights simply vanish.

The Palestinian Authority insults our intelligence

A minister’s arrogant behavior at this month’s BDS national conference is just the latest indication of the PA’s unpopularity.

Why I support Scottish independence

For 35 of the past 50 years, Scots have had to put up with a Conservative government that they didn’t vote for.


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