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Israel-backed "solution" could worsen Gaza's water crisis

Desalination could help Israel to continue evading its obligations under international law.

Top players in Islamophobia industry paid over $150,000 per year

Thirty-seven laws hostile to Islam have been introduced across the US so far this year.

Fraudulent, Islamophobic “terrorism expert” hired to train Chicago-area police

“Expert” was dumped by Florida after Islamophobic teaching materials were exposed, but biased “counterrorism” cottage industry persists.

Important lawsuit alleging discrimination against Muslim Americans moves forward

A federal court allows lawsuit filed by CAIR that alleges institutional targeting of Muslims at US borders.

Apartheid imprisonment: Jewish versus Palestinian "security" prisoners

A new Adalah paper outlines the disparity in sentencing and commutation between Jewish and Palestinian “security” prisoners.

Israeli spokesperson admits to targeting journalists in Gaza

By Israel’s logic, any journalist in Gaza right now is an unacceptable “fig leaf” for Hamas.

Right-wing group's theft of Palestinian heritage outlined in new study

A French diplomat has been scolded for daring to recognize the importance of Palestinian heritage.

Video: Tel Aviv exhibit features testimony by Nakba perpetrators

A new exhibit and project aims to collect testimonies from the aging and dying perpetrators of the Nakba, before it’s too late.

Israeli forces put knife to throat of father of teen who confessed to settlement killings

The West Bank village of Awarta has been subject to siege for 18 months after the murders of a family in a nearby settlement, even though the killers have been arrested and confessed to the crime.

US federal court upholds state secrets privilege, foregoing rights of Muslim citizens

Invoking state secrets, a federal court has dismissed a class-action case against the FBI for unlawfully surveilling southern California’s Muslim community.


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