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Investigators: Israel fired on Gaza civilians carrying white flags

Only one team of medical experts has been allowed to enter Gaza to assess the harm inflicted after summer assault.

Washington supreme court hears arguments on Olympia co-op's boycott of Israeli goods

Two courts have already ruled the lawsuit against the co-op is frivolous; now the Washington state supreme court will weigh in.

Palestinians and #BlackLivesMatter activists unite for Bay Area direct action

Bay Area-based Palestine solidarity groups mobilize during a weekend of actions devoted to reclaiming Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s radical legacy.

Harvard boycotted company for anti-gay stance, but says SodaStream ban too “political”

Following an announcement that Harvard University’s dining services would suspend purchases from a company owned by SodaStream, the president stepped in.

Israeli evidence backfires in compensation case for injured US activist

A video of Tristan Anderson played in court showed that contrary to Israeli claims, the American activist was severely injured by a high-velocity tear gas canister.

US prosecutors trying to block Rasmea Odeh's release from jail

Federal prosecutors are attempting to invalidate Rasmea Odeh’s $50,000 bond for release, but supporters say the government has its facts wrong.

Why is the ICRC helping defend Israeli war crimes?

At a controversial conference hosted by an Israeli military strategy think-tank, the ICRC echoed some of the most ardent defenders of Israeli militarism.

Israel put in dock for seriously injuring US activist Tristan Anderson

California man requires round-the-clock care after being hit by tear gas canister five years ago.

Brazilian state cancels contract with Israeli drone-maker

Rio Grande do Sul has admitted that opposition from Palestinians led it to tear up deal with Israeli arms firm.

Wesleyan University dumps Sabra hummus after student campaign

Students are beginning to see the fruits of their divestment resolution passed last May. 



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