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WATCH: “Shuja'iyah: Land of the Brave” reveals a crisis of humanity

Short video by Palestinian filmmaker Hadeel Assali emphasizes need to scrutinize the priorities of humanitarian institutions.

Watch: Short film reflects on mirror taken from Palestinian village in 1948

In “Mirror Image,” Israeli filmmaker Danielle Schwartz negotiates with her family to tell the story of a mirror taken from a Palestinian village in the Nakba.

JTA, Jerusalem Post fall for hoax BDS campaign aimed at Rolling Stones

The perpetrators of the hoax may aim to discredit Palestine solidarity activists by making it appear as if BDS activists disseminate false information and post anti-Semitic and racist content.

“Are your loved ones trapped behind the wall?” — new video of Samah Sabawi poem

“Defying the Universe” confronts the guilt of a husband leaving his family behind in Palestine.

Oxfam “ambassador” Scarlett Johansson praised for “strong pro-Israel stance”

PR expert says pro-Israel advocacy by Oxfam’s Scarlett Johansson is better than the work done by the Israeli government.

WATCH: Hip hop artist Jasiri X video “Checkpoint”

Hip hop artist Jasiri X recently participated in a delegation to Palestine with other Black American artists, activists, writers and academics.

Pinkwashing the animal kingdom: Israeli penguins, Nigerian house cats, Africans and Arabs

Arabs and Africans do not deserve western concern presenting zoo animals and pets as models for their sex lives and personal freedoms.

Debunked: the claim that As'ad AbuKhalil worked for the CIA

Allegations disseminated by the website Now that As’ad AbuKhalil worked for the CIA are based on nothing more than information harvested from Internet spam sites.

Former Harvard president Larry Summers calls for boycott of ASA

It is ironic that as a former university president, Summers would propose punitive measures against scholars exercising their freedom of conscience and association.

In surprise move, opponent votes to endorse ASA's Israel boycott

A prominent opponent of the academic boycott of Israel explains why she has changed her position.


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