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Why the Bible doesn't give Israel a claim to the West Bank

Stamping “Judea and Samaria” on passports doesn’t alter the fact that the Israeli occupation has no historical justification.

Major trade union backs boycott of Israel

Representing 20 million workers, Public Services International has given a major boost to the Palestine solidarity movement.

As election day approaches in swing state Ohio, my TV keeps blaring 'vote for Israel'

“Imagine if there were a national candidate whose ads showed Gazan children wounded by Israeli weapons”

Whose Bible is it Anyway?

Is the Bible one book written by Moses, David, Solomon and the Prophets? Is the Bible historically accurate?

Turning Palestinian water into Jewish wine or When Jodi met Dani

Israeli settler chief Dani Dayan seems to be the New York Times man of the month. First an OpEd and now aspotlight interview with Jodi Rudoren, who writes more like a fan than a journalist.

Bibi lauds "prophet of peace" as Christian Zionists lust for war

Senator Joe Lieberman’s demands for war against Iran delight the Christians United for Israel conference.

Cowboy hats and kippas: Christian Zionists gather in Washington to cheer for Israel, pressure politicians

At its seventh annual conference in Washington, DC, Pastor John Hagee and 8,000 registered followers vow to support Israel, today, tomorrow, and forever.

Salesian Nuns and Priests to be separated by Apartheid Wall

If the Israeli government succeeds in extending the Apartheid Wall through Beit Jala, the Salesian Sisters of Cremisan will be on one side, and the school children they have taught for many years on the other.

Nuns take on Republican budget and Israel's apartheid wall

The Vatican is trying to prevent American sisters from caring for the poor and oppressed, as the Gospels instruct them to do.

How the 99 percent are cannon fodder for America's wars

Reflections on the Occupy movement in Ohio and America’s double standards in the Middle East.
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