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G4S "to end" Israel prison contracts as pressure mounts over torture complicity

The news comes after dozens of campaigners disrupted the prison profiteer’s annual shareholder meeting in London.

Canadian “peace coordinator” barred by Israel for ten years

The barring of MCC peace worker is not an isolated incident, but part of an apparent Israeli campaign against human rights and solidarity organizations.

Large majority votes for MLA resolution condemning Israeli restrictions on academics

It calls on the State Department “to contest Israel’s denials of entry to the West Bank by United States academics who have been invited to teach, confer, or do research at Palestinian universities.”

Did you know? Palestine’s knafeh is now “Israeli” too?

This is the latest example of blatant cultural appropriation of indigenous Palestinian and regional culture to add to a long list that already includes falafel, hummus and olive oil.

Why are US lawmakers more enraged over Hamas-Abbas deal than AIPAC?

Despite Israel’s bluster, it remains closely allied with the Palestinian Authority, on which it relies to maintain control of millions of Palestinians.

“Top secret” Shin Bet memo suggested dead Arafat would benefit Israel

The memo, revealed in a book to be published this week by British-Israeli political scientist Ahron Bregman adds evidence to support the thesis that Arafat was assassinated.

Mahmoud Abbas: collaboration with Israeli army, secret police is “sacred”

Known euphemistically as “security coordination,” PA intelligence and security forces work closely with Israeli occupation forces to suppress any Palestinian resistance.

Video: Israeli “Jerusalem Day” mob attacks Palestinian

Annual celebration of conquest of Jerusalem habitually involves violent provocations by settlers who are protected by occupation forces, vandalism of Palestinian property and racist anti-Palestinian chants.

Palestinian activist Rasmea Odeh rejects US plea deal, prepares for October trial

Odeh’s history of torture during a decade of Israeli custody could become a relevant issue at trial, lawyer says.

Israeli army planned to use Paris synagogue as recruitment site

Israel recruits, arms and radicalizes hundreds of youths from around the world each year to participate in its violent occupation and colonization of Palestinian land.


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