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Hundreds of academics call for boycott of Hebrew University conference in 2014

“While all Israeli universities are deeply complicit in the occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is particularly noteworthy.”

B’Tselem “proud” partner of war criminals, enemies of Palestinian rights

Why is a human rights group “proud” to share a stage with such “allies” as Tzipi Livni and Joe Biden who are deeply implicated in Israeli war crimes against Palestinians?

Settlers set to re-occupy Palestinian home as army raids terrorize Hebron

Eyewitnesses in Hebron say that Israeli settlers may be preparing to seize the home of the Abu Rajab family which they first invaded and occupied for several days in April 2012.

Video: Along with Israeli attacks, Gaza fishermen face new danger from Egyptian navy

“We never expected from our Egyptian brothers to open fire on us,” says Gaza fishermen’s syndicate after unprecedented attacks.

Fire anti-Arab blogger, ex-ombudsman tells new Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos

Rubin’s most egregious display of bigotry was when she approvingly promoted an article calling for genocidal violence against Palestinians.

Tel Aviv University accused of stealing name and logo of Palestinian think-tank Al-Shabaka

When Israel has already taken so much from Palestinians, perhaps, someone thought, “so what if we help ourselves to a name and logo as well?”

Photo: French aid convoy diplomat dragged on ground by Israeli soldiers

Israeli soldiers violently attacked EU diplomats and aid workers trying to deliver aid to Palestinians whose homes were demolished.

Video report: Gaza is being strangled and its people are suffocating

The effective imprisonment of the entire population of Gaza comes amid near economic collapse.

Where have $23 billion spent on Oslo “peace process” gone?

International “aid” after the 1993 Oslo accords helped make Palestinians worse, not better off. What can be done to turn things around?

Washington Post's new Jerusalem correspondent married to pro-Israel propagandist

Ruth Eglash, the Washington Post’s new Jerusalem correspondent, has what could be a serious conflict of interest – her husband’s political and business ties to the Israeli government and propaganda apparatus.


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