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Yes, John Kerry, there can be a single, democratic state in Palestine

US Secretary of State John Kerry says “there’s no such thing as a one-state solution.” In a video talk, Ali Abunimah explains why such statements are wrong.

As Ambassador Power praises ADL, Abe Foxman savages John Kerry

Foxman’s open attack on a US secretary of state, especially one who has been so friendly to Israel, is unusual.

Is the color yellow anti-Semitic? (Israel says yes)

Israeli foreign ministry claims a sticker distributed by Palestinian solidarity activists in Ireland is reminiscent of Nazism.

Eminent academics to EU: Don't sell out on Israeli settlements

While keeping new guidelines banning settlement funding on the books formally, the EU may provide Israel with “loopholes” that make them meaningless, academics fear.

Video: A funny and devastating response to the lies of Israel’s Danny Ayalon

Two Palestinian women set Israel former deputy foreign ministry Danny Ayalon straight in hilarious new video from Visualizing Palestine.

Latin American writers say Israel must abandon “colonial” Zionist ideology

Israel’s invitation to be “guest of honor” at the Guadalajara International Book Fair later this month has provoked controversy in Mexico.

Former envoy George Mitchell shills for Israeli occupation profiteer SodaStream

Why is former US peace envoy George Mitchell promoting SodaStream which is based in an illegal Israeli settlement and abuses Palestinian rights?

Israeli embassy in Washington tweets Islamophobic image

Having failed to win the argument on Iran, the Israelis are turning to even cruder, emotive propaganda than usual.

South Africa further limits ties with Israel

“The struggle of the people of Palestine is our struggle,” South Africa’s minister of international relations says.

Why isn’t the government calling the LAX shooting “terrorism?”

There is a pattern: acts of spectacular violence, predominantly by white men, are rarely termed “terrorist” even when all the evidence points in that direction.


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