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Czech activists denounce president’s proposal for Palestinian refugees

Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper recently compared the Czech president’s positions to those of Israel’s far-right and called him “the closest European leader to Israel.”

Video: Palestinian girl determined to stay in Silwan despite Israeli settler aggression

“My dream is like the dream of any Palestinian kid,” says Tayma. “It is to live in safety and not in the shadow of colonization, and not to feel crushed every time I leave the house. And my other dream is to become a famous Palestinian rapper.”

Has Abe Foxman lost confidence in American Jews?

About half of American Jews do not think the current Israeli government is making a sincere effort to bring about a peace settlement.

A Northern Ireland solution for Palestine?

As mainstream commenters conclude that the two-state solution for Palestine is finished, some are taking a closer look at Northern Ireland as a model. But how would it work?

“The Stones Cry Out”: Film puts spotlight on Palestine’s Christians

Palestine is the cradle of Christianity, but “the living aspect of Christianity in Palestine is disappearing,” warns Hanan Ashrawi in Yasmine Perni’s film The Stones Cry Out. Two opportunities to see it in the US this month.

Israel denies entry to members of team monitoring attacks on Palestinians in Hebron

Israel has mounted a brutal crackdown ever since an Israeli soldier was shot dead in the city on 22 September.

US Army guide designates Palestinian flag as “terrorist” logo

Why is the US army telling its personnel that the Palestinian flag is a “terrorist” logo?

Stop shackling, abusing Palestinian children, UK artists and lawmakers tell Israel

Signed by high profile artists and politicians, the letter aims to draw attention to the plight of Palestinian children systematically abused in detention by Israeli occupation forces.

Palestinians in Gaza breathe Israeli tear gas as they march for Al-Aqsa

In besieged Gaza, Palestinians marched toward the Nahal Oz siege gate on the territory’s eastern boundary with present-day Israel to show support for Al-Aqsa, which is increasingly under assault from Jewish settlers.

Hundreds of academics call for boycott of Hebrew University conference in 2014

“While all Israeli universities are deeply complicit in the occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is particularly noteworthy.”


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