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“Don’t forget us here”: Photos reveal devastation in Syria’s Yarmouk camp

These images provide an all too rare glimpse of the people living in the camp amid horrifying circumstances

Scarlett Johansson is “ambassador for oppression,” says Oxfam founder’s grandson

The “ongoing credibility of Oxfam depends on its adhering to its founding principles … I am certain my grandfather and great-uncle would agree with me.”

Oxfam backs Scarlett Johansson, despite actress' endorsement of Israeli settlements

In doing so, Oxfam has taken a clear position against Palestinians and their rights and chosen complicity with Israeli occupation and colonization.

Public radio KQED pulls SodaStream from gifts to donors

Public broadcaster dumps SodaStream from donor thank-you gifts, citing “controversy” over factory in Israeli settlement.

Oxfam's cowardly stance on Scarlett Johansson's Israeli settlement profiteering

It’s impossible to be an “ambassador” both for a human rights group and for human rights abusers!

Divestment battle to return to Presbyterian Church

Israel lobby groups can be expected again to try to halt growing efforts to hold Israel accountable and promote Palestinian rights and a just peace.

Oxfam tells SodaStream spokesmodel Scarlett Johansson that settlements harm Palestinians

The international development charity Oxfam admonishes Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson over her new role as spokesperson for the Israeli occupation profiteering firm SodaStream.

“Significant escalation” in boycott campaign by Israel’s “best friend” Germany

“Germany will set an example for the rest of the world,” Israeli foreign ministry warns.

Syrian army slows Yarmouk food aid to a trickle

After waiting all day, UNRWA staff were permitted to deliver only two dozen food parcels.

New York Post's lies about UN and Palestinians in Yarmouk camp

People may love or hate the UN, or approve or disapprove of its actions in Syria or elsewhere. But surely any analysis should begin from a basic knowledge of the facts.


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